The Unexpected Tool That'll Make You Look Like A Pro When Shopping At Estate Sales

When shopping at an estate sale, it's necessary to pay attention to special items like solid wood furniture, oil paintings, and glassware because they are some of the most valuable things to look out for and you never know what you're going to find. Some things to take with you on your estate sale exploration are kind of obvious, like gloves to keep your hands clean and cash for the payment, but some others can really improve your shopping experience. One unexpected tool to take with you is a brush to dust items off and look like a pro while you're at it.

Estate sales are fun opportunities to discover all kinds of valuable items at more affordable prices than usual. Whether you're a thrifty shopper looking for hidden gems or a collector of a certain type of trinket, an estate sale gives you the chance to take a dive into someone's collection and uncover something unique. Shopping at estate sales is also a good sustainable practice. Buyers get items that are new to them, giving another life to pre-owned goods, while sellers declutter without having to send things straight to the landfill. By taking the time and effort to clean the hidden gems you find, you are showing a desire to truly preserve these items and get the best out of them.

A small brush to do a quick clean

A lot of the items you see in estate sales might have been stored away for a long time and have accumulated dirt, dust, and rust so it's smart to clean them off before they follow you to your home. Doing this also helps you to uncover the real surface before you make the purchase. As soon as you identify something you want, like a piece of jewelry or a decoration, use the brush to remove any dust and debris, and try to lift any stains you spot. A brush can also be used to bring bigger pieces like wrought iron or wicker furniture back to life, although you may have to scrub a small area while in the store just to get an idea of what's underneath.

Gentleness is key when brushing so you don't damage the item. This is why there are specific types of brushes designed to clean antiques, collectibles, and special items. They might be labeled to be for conservators, meaning they can be used for old art pieces like books or paintings, which need delicate treatment. This $24 Valentino Garemi dusting brush on Amazon is one example. Made from horse hair, it is designed to fit comfortably in the hand and tackle dry deposits that have set onto the surface of a vintage item. Brush your items with a good tool like this and you'll look like a pro who knows how to expertly inspect the items.