This Jenn Todryk-Approved Bohemian Planter Is A Must For Spring

You probably know HGTV's Jenn Todryk from "No Demo Reno," but the design expert also regularly updates her blog with decor items she's loving. Over the years, Todryk has shared heaps of her favorite home picks, but one type of item she shares regularly is planters. One of Todryk's most affordable picks is the Ivory Metal Planter with Rattan Cane Stand from World Market.

Todryk recommended the Ivory Metal Planter in a blog post titled "Decorate vs. Design: Current Home Trends!". Priced at only $21.99, the planter comes with a metal section that's detachable from the outer rattan stand so you can use it in different rooms. Describing the aesthetic, Todryk wrote, "You can't have too many plants with this decor style since it basically provides the color element. If you love to bring the outdoors in, organic modern would be a good choice for you!"

This planter fits perfectly into a natural, stripped-back palette

As mentioned by Jenn Todryk, a trendy rattan plant stand is an easy way to introduce color into an otherwise neutral color scheme. While minimalist neutrals definitely have their place, a room with no standout colors at all can look dull and uninspired. However, colors added via accessories like cushions can often look out of place. A plant can fit with an organic and natural room theme while bringing in just a pop of color.

The World Market rattan planter measures 6.75 inches tall and 7.1 inches wide. The inner metal planter measures 6.25 inches tall and 7 inches wide. The outer part is made from natural cane, whereas the inner section is made from metal and features a powder-coated ivory finish. Reviews for this product mention how sturdy the planter is and how well it works with coastal and rustic decor schemes. Many also noted the high quality relative to the price, though one reviewer claimed that it scratched their wooden table.

You'll need plants that don't grow too large to fit this planter

You may be wondering what kind of plants you can put in this rattan planter considering that it's on the smaller side. One of the best choices is an Anthurium, though make sure you choose one of the smaller kinds. One of the best plants for your living room to prop on a coffee table, Anthuriums require indirect light and will brighten up any space instantly with their vivid reddish-pink hue. They are, however, poisonous to pets, so we don't recommend them for pet owners.

Another good pick for a small pot is the Peperomia. As these plants don't grow outward, they're an excellent option if you don't have space for a plant that will sprawl across your table or desk over time. Their vivid green leaves will bring color to a room and, as they require a low level of light, they're ideal for rooms that don't have large windows or heaps of natural light. This type of plant is also pet-friendly, so you won't have to worry about your furry friends around Peperomias.