The Brilliant Way You Could Use Old Glass Jars For Home Office Storage

The next time you are cleaning up, you may want to pause before tossing those used jars in the trash or recycling bin. Particularly if you are looking for a great way to help organize the morass of supplies and randomness that can sometimes be your desktop. 

Indeed, when the jars in your pantry are done with their initial job of holding pickles or marinara sauce, you can find numerous DIY and upcycling projects reusing jars in all areas of the home, including your home office setup. With a little ingenuity, jars can become a great strategy for tackling the mess and taming supplies like pens, paperclips, rubber bands, and more. Even better, though, jars are easy to customize to fit your decorative aesthetic. 

While the most obvious approach would be simply sorting supplies into jars on your desktop, there are creative ways to use jars that don't take up additional space on the surface of the desk or in your drawers, saving you valuable room where you need it most. With a few supplies, you can create easy and brilliant mounted organization systems that will help you tame clutter, easily access what you need, and maintain an efficient and well-outfitted work area.

Creating mounted jar storage in your home office

To mount your jars above your desk, create an organization caddy out of scrap wood, metal pipe clamps,  screws, and several jars. Attach the clamps to the wood, fastening them firmly over the neck of the jars in a row.  You can also mount several jar lids with small screws or a strong adhesive like E-6000 to the underside of any floating shelf or shelving system. Access the jar by screwing and unscrewing the jar from the lid, which will keep them out of your way when not in use. If you have metal furniture in your work area, try adding small disc magnets to the top of jars and attaching them similarly to the bottom of a shelf or on the side of a file cabinet for easy access. With magnets, you can also add jars easily to a metal pegboard or chalkboard wall over your desk.

To create a custom look for your glass jar organizers, add some additional style and personalized elements. Paint the entirety or create a design on the exterior with acrylic, chalk, glass, or chalkboard paint. Use some coats of clear Mod Podge to decoupage the jar with paper or paint the inside of your jars using Mod Podge and food coloring to create faux vintage colored glass. You can also wrap the jar with twine or decorative fabric for an extra bit of ruddy texture. This way, style and function will combine to bring your home office space to the next level.