Reclaim Unused Loft Space With This Stunning Fixer To Fabulous-Inspired Idea

If you have an empty loft in your home, you aren't alone. Lofts are great additions and can add a ton of value, but they can also come with downsides — vaulted ceilings can make decorating difficult and the openness to the rest of the house means it isn't quite a private area. If you want to make the most of your unused loft space, take a nod from the "Fixer to Fabulous" crew, who took an empty loft space in a barn near the main home and transformed it into a guest bedroom and writing space for the homeowner.

In an Instagram post shared by "Fixer to Fabulous" hosts Jenny and Dave Marrs, they revealed their finished product for the Mooney family and their loft space, which includes a full-size pull-out bed, which can be folded up into a coach when guests are not around, plus a desk and a large piano.

How to get a similar look for your loft

The biggest takeaway from the "Fixer to Fabulous" renovation is that your loft space doesn't have to just be one thing. Jenny and Dave Marrs made the room multi-purpose by including a guest bed, desk, and piano space. To create a similar space for your loft, opt for a pull-out couch or sleeper sofa for guests or extra living space when guests are not around. You can opt for a velvet futon from Walmart for $433, or shop around for any number of other pull-out sofas available on the market. 

For the rest of the space, consider your needs. The homeowner was a singer-songwriter, so the inclusion of a writing desk and a grand piano was a must. If you need a home office, you can add a wooden desk and accompanying chair. Adding two comfortable loungers and a small table, like the "Fixer to Fabulous" crew did next to the guest bed, can create an additional reading area or simply extra seating. To make the space truly come together, the Marrses added rugs under the pull-out sofa to define the space and art on the walls to give it a homey feel.

Other ways to use your loft space

Of course, not everyone needs an extra bedroom or an area to house a large grand piano. Luckily, a loft can be used in so many different ways. If you have kids, the loft can be a great area to put a playroom. The space is open, so you can still hear and perhaps even see your kids from downstairs, but it is also separated from the rest of the house, making it an ideal space to store toys and large items like easels or art tables. As your kids get older, you can transform the space into a homework area, game room, or extra TV space for when friends are over.

If kids are not your concern, consider using the loft space as a home gym. Add a weights area, a treadmill, or any other workout equipment you like. Or simply use your loft space to create a lounge, the ultimate master bedroom, or a beautiful spot to sip your morning coffee and read a book.