Ditch The Wreath And Do This Instead To Create The Cutest Spring Door Decor

Wreaths are a classic front door decoration, but if you have one for every holiday or season this DIY project is an easy way to change up your décor. With just some faux flowers, ribbon, tissue paper, and an umbrella, you can create a beautiful hanger for your door in just a few minutes. Since your decoration will hang by the handle of the umbrella, it's important to find one that's curved. Additionally, larger-size umbrellas could hang too low or look too big for your door, so it might be best to try to find an umbrella that's smaller or designed for children. 

There are a few kids' umbrellas at Target for just $10, like this navy blue daisy-printed stick umbrella and this mini stick umbrella with a strawberry design. Though it's a bit more expensive, Amazon has this $25 stick umbrella in a variety of solid colors. Since you'll just be using your umbrella as a sort of vase for your flowers, it will still be functional for its original purpose when you take your decoration down.

Prepping for your umbrella spring door decor

This project is extremely simple and can be completed in about 10 minutes or less. To start, make sure that the hook on your door from your old wreaths is wide enough for the handle of your umbrella. If it's not, try replacing it with a bigger hook, such as a large command hook. Now, select your ribbon and flowers to match your umbrella. You could use a wide, thin, or even a burlap ribbon depending on what type of aesthetic you're trying to achieve. 

If your umbrella is a classic black color, any springtime color could be used for the ribbon. For solid-colored umbrellas, matching ribbon with a fun print will look great, or you could try white or a contrasting ribbon to make it pop. Faux flowers associated with spring, like tulips, are also a wonderful choice, but you could try finding a variety of faux greenery and flowers. Both ribbons and fake flowers can be found at craft stores and Dollar Tree, but you might try repurposing craft supplies you already have at home. Depending on the supplies and colors you choose, this front door hanger could help you decorate for Easter as well as spring. 

Making your cute umbrella door hanger

Hang your umbrella from the door. This way, you can shift how your final design will look as you work on it. Make sure the umbrella is not fully open or tightly closed, but rather more of a cone shape. Now, fill the center of your umbrella with the tissue paper, letting it stick out the sides. This will prevent your decoration from looking flat, help to fill out your umbrella and enhance the decoration. Once the paper is in place, start adding in your faux flowers or greenery. You could try making a bouquet with faux leaves, flowers, and something simple like baby's breath, or just use various colorful flowers.

Take a cut of your ribbon and tie it into a bow around the umbrella to help hold everything in place and cinch the middle of the decoration. A safety pin can be used to hold the bow in place if it slides around, but this will make a small hole in your umbrella. If you'd like, you can add other accessories as well, like a fake bird's nest with eggs ($14 on Amazon) or plastic easter eggs. However you choose to customize it, your umbrella door hanger will help you decorate for spring and ditch your wreath.