Oil Spills Don't Stand A Chance Against This Popular Kitchen Ingredient

Spilled oil is never fun to deal with. You may know how to remove oil stains from fabric, but what about from surfaces and flooring? The next time you find yourself facing an oil spill, reach for flour. Not just for baking, the following flour hack will clean up kitchen spills with ease and save you from trying to mop up a big mess. Due to the natural slippiness of oil, it can be tricky to clean up and contain without being spread around wasting several paper towels.

It can also be a time-consuming task. Instead of wasting time and energy, reaching for flour will get your floor or surface looking sparkling clean and free of oil once more. Plus, as it's likely you'll already have flour to hand, in most cases you can get started on wiping away any trace of oil immediately. As well as flour, you'll need some paper towels and a dustpan and brush on hand for this hack.

Save time and energy with this simple oil spill cleaning method

To get rid of pesky oil stains, simply apply flour to the spill, making sure you cover the entirety of it. Leave the flour to work its magic for approximately one minute and then clean up the flour and oil using a dustpan and brush or paper towels depending on how large the spill is. If you're faced with a particularly large mess, let the flour sit for longer until a paste-like substance has formed. After you have cleaned up the flour and oil mix, go in with a mop or damp cloth to get rid of any lingering grease.

The way this hack works is that the flour will soak up the oil and makes a paste, making clean-up duty a lot easier for you. Flour will also stop the oil from spreading and getting bigger, becoming more of a pain to clean up. An important thing to note is that, if you have spilled hot cooking oil, always let it cool down after you have sprinkled the flour. Trying to clean up hot oil not only won't work very well, but could be dangerous. The next time you spill some oil, reach for flour to ensure a stain doesn't form and that no grease gets left behind.