This Handy Household Tool Is A Secret Weapon For Fighting Crumbs In The Kitchen

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Honestly, crumbs are everywhere. The pesky remainders from every meal will somehow find themselves all over your counter, floors, and between every kitchen crevice. Even after you deep clean your kitchen, some strays may lurk. But the solution is the furthest thing from a kitchen tool. And you'll be able to pick up a pack of them to clean various areas in your home. Head to your garage and grab your nearest paintbrush. Before you surf the internet for another option, think about it. Because of their bristle variety, paintbrushes are great for pulling crumbs from every corner, even ones you can't always see. The option is typically inexpensive, especially if you can purchase a set from Amazon or your nearest craft store. This way, you no longer have to brush a broom along your counter.

This hack stands out amongst other options in the DIY community. Take the butter knife hack, for example. TikTok user @homeaglow_ uses a microfiber cloth and a butter knife to get into the fine crevices between their stove and counter. Though this is a great hack, it can become time-consuming when used across the entire kitchen. Another popularized strategy is Dust-Off. TikTok user @honestly.kaitlyn uses the compressed gas duster to spray crumbs from deep crevices in their table. Though efficient, this hack can become a hefty bill if you have constant crumb build-up. The paintbrush shines in comparison for its ease and cost-effectiveness.

Other ways your paintbrush can be a household helper

Beyond cleaning your kitchen counters, tables, and appliances, paintbrushes are an amazing multi-use cleaning tool that can be utilized all over your home. The hack works because the bristles grab every particle of dust and dirt, replacing rags and vacuum cleaners in hard-to-reach areas. Brushes can be used for workshop spills. Many know that feeling when a tray of nails and screws falls all over the garage floor. Paintbrushes ensure there aren't any strays that may pose a danger to you or your family, and get those strays that sometimes a broom may not be able to grab.

What's more, you can use brushes as a shade brightener. This hack is great for removing dust and dirt from window blinds, lampshades, and pleated shades. Pro tip: spray your paintbrush with wood polish to protect and clean your wooden blinds.Your plants can also benefit from having a pack of paintbrushes around. An occasional cleaning with a gentle bristle paintbrush can help your plant grow healthier, especially if it's been droopy lately. Dusty houseplants equal a lack of sun and can inhibit growth. And don't forget about how paintbrushes can be kitchen essentials. Whether you need it for a BBQ or your next at-home dinner, brushes can help apply seasonings and sauces for maximum flavor retention.