The Clever Way You Should Be Using The IKEA BEKVAM Spice Rack In Your Bedroom

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Having a small bedroom can present many challenges. When it comes to bedroom furniture in a cramped space, a chest of drawers is more important than a bedside table. But this then leaves you with nowhere to put your latest read or your water bottle to take a sip before bed. Enter the IKEA product that offers bedside storage – the BEKVAM spice rack. 

As you may have guessed by the name, this product, priced at $6.99, is intended to store spices. However, it has far more uses than being confined to the kitchen, including acting as a bedside table substitute. If you have ever had to get out of your comfortable, warm spot in bed to put a book away or find somewhere for your glasses, you'll know the struggle of not having storage nearby. By implementing this affordable purchase in your room, you can skip the getting-out-of-bed part of your evening routine and instead drift into a comfortable sleep.

You can utilize this IKEA style in lots of ways

This nightstand idea will maximize space in your bedroom perfectly. We think it would look particularly great with a couple of books or magazines propped up within it, hotel-style. As there is a gap at the bottom, we don't recommend putting items like earrings or glasses without a case within the spice rack, as they may slip out in the night only to be trodden on in the morning. Slimmer items are fine as long as they're tall enough to sit over the bar. Another potential downside is that, due to everything being out in the open, you won't be able to hide any usual bedside table clutter (though this could be a hidden blessing, as it will force you to keep your bedside area clean).

When attaching this item, use Command adhesive strips (or something similar) if you live in rented accommodation or don't want to drill into the wall. Finally, never put this product directly above your bed just in case it falls. It's always better for items to fall onto the floor than onto you. So long as you keep the above caveats in mind, this IKEA product is a great solution to an annoying issue in a small bedroom.