This Clever Broom Organization Trick Frees Up Space In Your Laundry Room

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Unless you have an extra vacant closet or live in an open floor plan house with limited nooks and crannies, finding a spot to store your broom feels like a Tetris game. You might end up resorting to stuffing your broom in the tiny space between the wall and the washing machine in the laundry room. While this works to keep it out of sight, we all know the frustrating feeling when you don't set it in quite the right position and it falls over, causing a loud crashing noise. However, zip ties can transform your broom storage and free up space in your laundry room.

Hanging a broom on a hook helps keep it out of the way, but the hole at the end of your broom handle might not fit whatever hook you happen to be using. Tying a zip tie through the broom handle's hole makes it easy to slip it over any sized hook. All you need is some zip ties from Walmart.

Storing your brooms a better way

After you purchase your zip ties, take one and loop it through the hole of the broom's handle. Then, close the zip tie. Finally, hang it on any hook in your house. You can also add zip ties to other cleaning tools like mops and dustpans so that they're all in the same place.

When choosing the best hooks for your cleaning tools, you can opt for a simple look or go in a stylish direction. Command hooks are a classic and obviously make sense for garages or extra closets; however, they can make your wall look mundane, especially if you have a well-decorated interior. On the other hand, if you don't have hidden spaces to store your broom, definitely pick stylish hooks — or, even better, stylish hooks that add storage space. For instance, Amazon sells a rustic floating shelf with hooks for $9.99. 

Other ways to use zip ties around the house

You only need three zip ties to organize your broom, mop, and dustpan, meaning you'll have many zip ties left over if you buy a whole pack. You can throw your remainders in a drawer and never think about them again, or use them to organize other parts of your home. If your key ring breaks and causes you to carry multiple individual keys in your pocket, use a zip tie to keep them together until you purchase a new key ring. Zip ties are sold in various colors, so you have color options for a temporary key ring.

Zip ties are also excellent for grouping loose cables. We all have multiple cables plugged into an outlet extender that trips everybody who walks past them or looks messy behind an entertainment center. You can use a zip tie to hold those individual wires currently scattered around the floor together. Likewise, if you have a home office with multiple cables dangling off the edge of your desk, you can organize them with a zip tie. Or, if you need to put some cables in a box, tie them up to prevent them from getting tangled with other cables.