Create A Gravity-Defying Floral Display With This Simple Dollar Tree DIY

If springtime has you dreaming of flowers and fun arrangements, you may be looking for some creative ways to display the bounty of the blooming season. The internet is full of cool ideas for gorgeous arrangements using both real and faux flowers, but often they fall into a few tried, true, and classic varieties like baskets, bouquets, and wreaths. While these are always great options for adding a touch of nature and spring to your home, TikTok's @hometalk recently showed off a novel and whimsical DIY that puts a very unique spin on potted flowers. It uses inexpensive and common household items from Dollar Tree, like a plastic ladle and planter, to make an inverted and deconstructed flower arrangement that works perfectly as a dining room centerpiece, perched atop a mantle, or decorating outdoor spaces. 

In addition to the aforementioned kitchen ladle and planter, making this gravity-defying DIY will require a sturdy adhesive. @hometalk uses skillet glue, but you could also use a hot glue gun, a two-part epoxy, or E-6000. As a base, choose a tray that fits your decor, like the white scalloped cake plate used in the video. You will also, of course, need greenery and your choice of artificial flowers, of which Dollar Tree always has a colorful and lush abundance to choose from.

Making an inverted flower arrangement

To begin your DIY arrangement, attach your ladle handle to the inside of the planter with adhesive. A thick coat will keep the planter held aloft when you hold the bowl of the ladle. Use another thick glob of adhesive to place the bowl of the ladle on the tray or plate you are using as the base. Hold in place until it is dry enough to stay suspended. Skillet glue makes an excellent option here because you can apply a lot at once that does not dry as quickly as hot glue from a gun. It's also much less expensive than epoxy or E-6000, great when you plan to lay it on thick. 

After your constructed framework is fully dry, you can begin adding floral and greenery elements with additional glue, placing them around the bowl of the ladle and along the handle to create the illusion that the planter has been tipped on its side and the flowers caught mid-fall. Here, a glue gun may be your best bet, since it allows a bit more precision in placement. You can also add decorative moss or other natural materials around the base if you want to hide any parts of the ladle or tray surface.

Customizing your inverted flower pot

The key element in this DIY is the ladle that provides the support between the upper container and the lower one. Everything else is completely customizable, including the variety of planter and base. While stone or glass planters are likely to be way too heavy for this project, you can use any number of plastic and lightweight planters that will be supported aloft by the ladle. If you still want the textured look of stone or terra cotta, use a stone spray paint that gives the illusion of a more rustic material without all the weight. You can also recreate the project with a small plastic watering can for an adorable summery arrangement or swap out the base tray for an overflowing bowl filled with flowers.

By using a smaller base or foregoing it entirely, you can also create a unique DIY hanging planter arrangement. Just cover the bowl of the ladle entirely in plants then add rope or wire through some drilled holes in the planter to create a hanging apparatus. A row of suspended inverted planters is a cute way to decorate a patio or porch overhang or railing, and it is guaranteed to have visitors and neighbors admiring your gravity-free gardening skills.