Ditch Basic Bathroom Shelving And Try TikTok's Aesthetic Hanging Storage Idea

If you've been looking for a new way to upgrade your bathroom storage, you have come to the right place. Shelves are the most common way folks maximize storage in their homes, especially in the bathroom. Granted, they're easy to install and decorate, but don't always look appealing. Of course, there are different colors and sizes you can incorporate on the wall to make them more interesting, but sometimes, you want something different. Instead of hanging shelves, a TikTok user swapped them out for baskets, which gave the bathroom a stylish new upgrade.

TikTok user @evebydesigns1 showed her followers how she used three different-sized baskets to maximize storage in her bathroom and enhance its overall look. She hung black wicker baskets to display greenery, faux flowers, and bathroom products on her wall. It added texture and a splash of color to the white interior. The TikToker said she bought her wicker baskets from Dollar General, but they're unavailable on their website. You could check out your local Dollar General in person to see if they have similar ones. We also found a different style on Amazon for $20.99 that comes with three baskets and hooks. Amazon also has a 3-tier hanging wicker basket for $19.99, if you don't have enough wall space to scatter the individual baskets. If you find baskets at another retail store, ensure you purchase hooks for them, if they're not sold with the baskets. After you purchase your materials, it's time to set them up.

Hanging baskets in your bathroom

You can hang your baskets on the wall behind your toilet or across from it like shelves. Find a wall that is large enough to fit all of your baskets. @Evebydesigns1 hung her wicker baskets in an offset placement. She hung her baskets from smallest to largest on the wall, where the top small basket held faux tulips, the second medium-sized basket held greenery, and the bottom, largest basket held toilet paper. She hung the largest basket above the toilet so that it was easily accessible. The wall you choose to hang your baskets on will determine what you store inside of them. For instance, if you follow the TikToker's setup, you can do something similar. If you want a different look, easily swap the flowers for your favorite flowers.

On the other hand, you can fill all your baskets with bathroom essentials. Fill the smallest basket with travel items you don't want to lose, add hand towels to the medium-size basket, and add a few rolls of toilet paper to the largest basket. Or, you can fill two baskets with bathroom essentials and use one as a decorative piece. Decorate your baskets by tying ribbons around the handles or adding labels to them. Find the best way to use your baskets as storage for your essentials. Over time, you can swap out items with new items or rearrange the baskets to refresh the bathroom.