Looking Past This Precious Item At An Estate Sale Would Be A Big Mistake

Estate sales are a nice way to spend some time. You have the uncommon opportunity to browse through an individual or a family's home and maybe even leave with some gems you wouldn't have found elsewhere. Some of the most valuable things to look out for at estate sales are the furniture and decorations because you might find quality, authentic pieces. Art especially should never be overlooked so you don't miss out on getting something unique at a steal.

Thrift stores and forgotten home boxes are notorious for holding valuable but unknown artwork. They get locked away for so long and end up in the care of people who may know nothing of their value, which is why the possibilities are endless when shopping at an antique shop or an estate sale. Whether you want something to gift out, sell, or keep for yourself, this type of vintage shopping is always fun.

Don't overlook the art

Looking past the art would be a big mistake because they are more likely to be valuable pieces. When shopping at an estate sale, you're getting the opportunity to pick from a personally curated collection that may have been put together over a long period, so the pieces will mostly likely be unique. There are also perks for shopping in the casual setting of an estate sale over a gallery or auction. You can find more affordable prices, get some negotiating room, and walk away with a really interesting story of the piece.

Some high value types of art to look out for are paintings and photographs. Vintage framed photos can be very artistic, whether this is for the moment captured or even for the frame itself, so they can be a valuable addition to your space. Paintings, specifically oil paintings, can also be precious. To find out whether one is, check that the piece is in good condition, look up the artist, and ask the sellers for information about the origins and journey of the piece. Shopping for art requires some skill, but you get better at it the more you know what to look for and which questions to ask.

What to do with your new art

If you're looking for pieces for your home, then you have to balance your personal tastes as well as the value of the art. It can be an amazing treasure in a general sense, perhaps due to the artist or the time, but you should think about what you would like to look at regularly in your home. Another easy tip for choosing the perfect artwork for your home when shopping at an estate sale is to think about how well it will fit into your space. Consider the existing decor, the layout of the room, and other factors that can either enhance or detract from its appeal, like the lighting or other artwork.

Buying art from estate sales can also become a side hustle in which you flip your finds for a profit. If you want to do this, then it's less about your taste and more about what's generally appealing. Inspect the piece closely, ask some deeper questions about its story, and then you can purchase it. It helps to get a professional valuation so you know what to ask for when you list it. Even if an art piece doesn't seem to have any value conventionally, you can still try your luck at selling it because you never know who might want it.