Bring Your Outdated Kitchen Back To Life With Jenny Marrs' Stunning Design Idea

Trends change so rapidly that many of us feel that our kitchens become outdated just as soon as we finish renovating them. But for some, our outdated kitchens, mainly dark, dingy ones, are in need of an update regardless of the current trends. Jenny Marrs of HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous" has seen her fair share of outdated homes, so when she came across one client whose kitchen was full of old oak cabinets and fluorescent lighting, she knew she had to bring it back to life. Marrs not only changed out design elements like the cabinets and colors, she also added a stunning design idea: a hidden pantry.

"'We added a large island, hidden walk-in pantry, fridge wall, new cabinets, new countertops, and new appliances," Marrs said on her blog about the design. The hidden walk-in pantry was the star of the show, creating a kitchen that was not only brand new and welcoming, but also functional for the homeowner who expressed his love for cooking.

How to hide your pantry in plain sight

When it comes to the kitchen, the pantry can sometimes become somewhat of a junk drawer. Keeping a pantry organized can be a tough task, but without doing it, your kitchen can look messy and uninviting. Jenny Marrs, when renovating her aunt and uncle's kitchen, took this into account, creating a hidden pantry in the kitchen that not only hides the mess, but takes away any disorganization by adding much-needed space. This project was a bit work-intensive, as the original layout did not leave room for a pantry space. After reconfiguring the floor plan, Marrs was able to add square footage to the kitchen area, creating a walk-in pantry that is hidden in plain sight.

To add a hidden pantry in your home, you first need to ensure you have the space. Opt to place the walk-in pantry near your fridge or oven, if possible. Add doors that match your cabinets or overall kitchen design to ensure it blends in and does not stick out. If you are placing the pantry away from the cabinets, use a jib door, which allows a door to blend to the wall and become invisible to the naked eye.

Other things to consider when adding a hidden pantry

A hidden pantry is not only aesthetically pleasing; it is also a great way to add additional storage to your kitchen without sacrificing living space. When adding a hidden pantry, make sure the doors match the rest of the kitchen, all the way down to the hardware. Instead of regular cabinet hardware, which likely won't be strong enough to open the pantry door, opt for appliance-sized hardware or even a magnet system that makes the door look even more hidden.

The end result should be something your guests would never guess has a huge pantry space behind it. As seen in this TikTok by @ehuizenga, the pantry doors look just like the rest of the kitchen cabinets only to open into a deep, large pantry space. Similarly, this design, as seen on TikTok by @ferchochavarria1 shows how you can add a pantry in a corner, away from your appliances without taking away the hidden element.