TikTok Proves This IKEA Glass Cabinet Is A Stylish Storage Solution For Any Room

When outfitting a house, storage cabinets feel a lot less sexy than statement pieces like sofas, tables, and pretty light fixtures. But think of the organization of a room like wheels on a car — without it, nothing works properly. As a result, principles of interior design often hinge upon minimalism and structure. Consider Marie Kondo's advice: "If it doesn't spark joy, throw it out." Textile designer William Morris also famously said, "Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

Good advice, but it's not exactly helpful when you have last year's Christmas wrapping floating around, or a surplus of wine glasses, or documents that hang in that weird stasis where you don't know whether to hang on to them or throw them out. A spartan Scandinavian-style mansion isn't attainable for the average person, but you can make the stuff in your home work for you with the right amount of organization. Organization starts with efficient storage, although it may feel like a lofty goal for those of us who are tight on space and time. Thankfully, there are creative solutions to declutter any room in the house, starting with basic storage cabinets.

One of the pros of storage cabinets is that they're incredibly versatile. From sleek, modern, and minimalist to rustic and practical, there's a storage cabinet to suit any style. Currently, TikTok is obsessed with the Milsbo glass cabinet from Ikea.

How to use Ikea's Milsbo glass cabinet

Ikea's Milsbo glass cabinet is one of the site's top sellers, retailing for $279.99. Because it's transparent, buyers can arrange pretty displays within the cabinet and make it aesthetically beautiful as well as practical. The Milsbo piece comes in black and white options with customizable shelves, integrated lighting, and a lock. Ikea is a post-college kid's dream, and unsurprisingly, Gen Z is all over this cabinet on social media. One user posted a video to TikTok that showed them using their cabinet as storage space for their wine glasses and liquor collection. Someone else showed off how much less cluttered their kitchen looks with the Milsbo glass cabinet in lieu of hanging shelves for their cooking utensils. And, in a surprising twist, a third person opted to display their charming collection of quilts. To each their own.

As TikTok proves, the sky's the limit when it comes to your display of choice. But whatever you'd like to store in the Milsbo cabinet, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure aesthetic appeal. For example, blogger Heather Bullard advises that you add visual interest by arranging objects asymmetrically. The same goes for grouping items, as things look better when they're not next to other objects of similar size, shape, and texture. Another trick is to embrace dimension by layering your items. This could be stacks of books or plates, folded piles of napkins ... you name it.

What's TikTok really storing in the cabinet?

But most TikTokers aren't using Ikea's Milsbo glass cabinet for glassware or napkins. Instead, they've converted it into a greenhouse. Apparently, Milsbo screams "jungle," and the glass cabinet is ideal for showing off your plant collection, from smaller terrariums to leafy Ficus. There's even a blog called Symmetrees that walks you through how to turn the cabinet into an ideal environment for your botanicals. The blogger opted to ditch the Milsbo's glass shelving for wire ledges that improved airflow and humidity distribution.

However, another TikTok user disagreed. This person explained that while people often turn to wire or acrylic shelving for circulation purposes, they like the look of the Milsbo's glass shelving best. "I have humidity sensors on every shelf in the cabinet and then I also have a smart humidifier in the bottom of the cabinet," they explained. "The humidifier is set to keep the humidity above 54 but below 75. It's also set to turn on for the day at 8 a.m. and off for the day at 8 p.m." The user then added that the top shelf is typically warmer than the bottom (heat rises, after all) and concluded by noting that they keep their fans on all the time. Wire, acrylic, or glass shelving — you have options.

Plants have been used in home decor forever, with good reason. They can add character to any space and (literally) breathe fresh life into your home. But who knew they looked so good in storage cabinets? Now, you do.