HGTV's Leanne Ford Says This Excessive Kitchen Sink Upgrade Is Worth Every Penny

To help you make good use of your renovation budget, some top HGTV stars have recommended kitchen upgrades worth the price. They have touched on a bit of everything, from soft-close drawers to full-wall backsplashes, and shown how these initial investments are worth it in the long run. Leanne Ford from "Restored by the Fords" and "Home Again With the Fords" has championed double sinks and the flexibility they provide, especially when hosting. "It lets you throw dishes in one and go back to the party, or you could fill a sink with ice and load it up with drinks," she told Delish.

While many kitchen upgrades can enhance functionality and aesthetics, some lean more on the excessive side. This is because the best kitchen features are the ones that enhance the user experience and simplify the workflow, so when a feature is more confusing than helpful, it becomes unnecessary. Considering your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget before splurging on an upgrade, which could cost between hundreds and thousands of dollars, is crucial because what might be valuable for one home could be excessive for another.

The advantages of a double sink

In a survey conducted by House Digest in 2022, we found the double basin to be the top type of sink people wanted in their kitchens because they were drawn to the idea of having one more sink to work with. This is undoubtedly helpful whether you're doing dishes, preparing food, or hosting. For dishwashing and food prep, tasks can be separated in an organized manner, improving convenience. There is more water access, and it's easier for two people to use the sink area simultaneously.

When hosting, a double sink is more accommodating when you haven't cleaned up completely but need to receive guests. You can move dirty dishes into one side, leaving the other free for anything else you might need it for. As Leanne Ford said, one side can also serve as your makeshift ice bucket to keep drinks cold while you have the other free.

Ensuring double sinks are right for your space

Something to note about double sinks is that they take up a lot of counter space, which can be a concern in a smaller kitchen. They are also designed differently, with some being too shallow or one side being smaller than the other, so it's common that double sinks are too small to hold a lot of plates and pans at once. Consider your space so this excessive kitchen sink upgrade doesn't end up being ineffective for its intended use.

One major aspect to consider is how you'll use the double sink. Suppose you're washing many things by hand, often needing a temporary ice bucket, or live in a home where multiple people typically desire to use the sink at once. In that case, it's a good splurge, but if countertop space is vital for your kitchen workflow, then you'll feel the lack with the double basin. With such a pricey upgrade, you must ensure it works for you.