The Dollar Tree Kitchen Find That Turns Into Genius DIY Handbag Storage

Having a different handbag to match any outfit in your closet seems ideal when you use each of them frequently. However, if you don't have enough closet space to store all of your handbags, you might regret buying multiple and consider selling a few. Before we get too carried away and start listing items on eBay, try out this Dollar Tree hack to maximize closet storage that will hold all of your handbags. All you need is two cabinet racks and two drying racks from the kitchen aisle at Dollar Tree. The hack comes from TikTok user @lizfenwickdiy; she created the perfect storage solution for smaller purses by using the slots in the drying rack to hold each of her bags.

The combination of the cabinet rack and drying rack creates an arrangement of slots for smaller purses and an open area underneath to store larger bags. Instead of making piles of handbags in your closet, each purse has a designated space in the DIY rack storage. It works perfectly and fits in every closet with a shelf. For a smaller closet without shelves, set up the racks on the floor. You can customize the rack to make it as small or large as you want to fit all your handbags. Plus, it's budget-friendly and easy to complete in less than 10 minutes. The cabinet racks and drying racks are $1.25 at Dollar Tree. You'll also need zip ties and scissors.

Creating your handbag storage

Once you have your materials for this easy Dollar Store DIY, place your flat cabinet racks next to each other to create a long horizontal rack, as TikTok user @lizfenwickdiy did. Then, add zip ties around the inner legs where they touch to secure them together. Tighten the zip ties and cut off the excess. Next, stack the drying racks on top of the cabinet racks. Secure them by wrapping zip ties around both racks in between the last and inner slots on each side of the rack. You should have eight zip ties on each rack. Cut off the remaining tab from the zip ties. Finally, take your storage unit into your closet and organize your handbags. The slots can be used for smaller handbags, shopping bags, or reusable bags; underneath the drying racks, you can store larger crossbody bags or tote bags.  

If you have an extensive handbag collection, create a longer storage compartment with additional cabinet racks and drying racks to organize your handbags. Or, if you have a mix of handbags and wallets in your closet, use the storage unit to hold everything. One side can hold your bags, while the other can hold your wallets. On the other hand, you can customize the racks and give them a stylish transformation. Spray paint them a bold color to add a pop to your closet. You can even paint them all the same color or paint each rack differently. The choice is yours.