DIY A Handbag Organizer To Save Closet Space With Affordable Dollar Tree Items

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Closets become cluttered quickly, and accessories that are difficult to organize neatly can make the problem even worse. We place clothes on hangers on a clothing rod, and display shoes on a shoe rack — but what about handbags? Our purses and satchels do not typically have a designated space as part of a closet design. Therefore, they often contribute to an unorganized closet, but this DIY handbag organizer might be the perfect solution. The best part? You can pick up almost all of the supplies for this project from Dollar Tree.

TikTok user @fabedhacks shared a video that shows just how simple it is to build this affordable handbag organizer. To complete this DIY, you will need to pick up five 10-by-8-inch acrylic photo frames and a 12-inch rectangular sign from Dollar Tree. In the video, @fabedhacks uses E6000 craft glue to adhere the shelves to the sign, but this is not available at Dollar Tree. However, you can snag this item from Amazon for about $9 or pick it up from your local craft store. If you prefer to pick up all of your supplies from Dollar Tree to keep things super affordable, you may choose to purchase one of their super glue options instead (though check the package to make sure it will adhere to the other materials).

How to assemble the DIY handbag organizer


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To assemble the handbag organizer, start out by grabbing your 12-inch sign and placing it face-down on a flat surface. When selecting a sign from Dollar Tree, keep in mind you can disregard the pattern or design on the opposite side as it will be hidden. Next, take your five acrylic frames and space them 2½ inches apart on top of the sign. You will not need to glue them down yet. Instead, mark the placement of each after measuring the 2½ inches between every sign to evenly space them out. After marking where the signs will be glued down, remove the plastic wrapping from each of your frames and glue them into place.

At this point, you are done with the assembly. However, you still have to wait an additional day to allow the glue to dry completely before you can use the organizer. After the glue has dried overnight, you are free to place your new handbag organizer in your closet for neat storage. Simply set each of your handbags between the photo frames. If you use exactly five acrylic frames, you will be able to store six bags total in the organizer. Once fully assembled, it should fit perfectly on the shelf at the top of your closet. You might also opt to store this organizer outside of your closet if your top shelf is full or if you do not have a free shelf.

Details to keep in mind when crafting this DIY purse organizer

There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the most out of this DIY project. First, You may have noticed that @fabedhacks mentioned customizing the spacing between the acrylic photo frames to make enough room for your bags. Depending on the sizes of the handbags in your collection, you may need to space the frames more or less than 2½ inches apart. You likely have handbags in a variety of sizes, so it might also be a good idea to measure the width of each of the handbags you plan to store in the organizer and use those measurements to decide how to space your frames.

Additionally, you also have the option to make your organizer larger if you need to store more handbags. This may be a better choice for purse collectors who have far more than six bags taking up room in their closets. Even though @fabedhacks uses a 12-inch sign, Dollar Tree also sells a 17-inch sign. You can buy enough acrylic frames to place on top of this longer sign, which would provide you with more slots for your bags. 

Finally, do not be afraid to get creative with decorating your organizer. You might choose to use your glue to apply decorative paper or fabric to the finished project to add pops of color, or even slide colorful paper inside the photo frames. Now, enjoy your organized closet!