The Perfect St. Patrick's Day Clover Decor Is Easier To DIY Than You Think

Decorating your home for St. Patrick's Day can be a fun tradition for you and your family or for a party with friends, and it doesn't have to be difficult. With just four heart-shaped balloons, you can create a lucky four leaf clover to help decorate your home for the holiday. Using streamers, ribbons, or a balloon stick, you can also make a stem for your clover as well.

This project is extremely easy and simple and shouldn't put much strain on your budget. Because it only requires blowing up balloons and taping or gluing them together, this is a great activity to get kids involved with or just to have some fun relaxing with an easy craft. If you'd like, you could create floating four-leaf clovers by filling the balloons with helium, or you could blow them up with air yourself. This will be much easier and less time consuming if you use a balloon pump. Handheld pumps are generally inexpensive, like this $5 balloon hand pump from Michaels, but you might also consider an electric one if you love to decorate with balloons or have trouble working the handheld pumps. On Amazon, you can find a portable electric balloon pump for $19.

Supplies for your DIY St. Patrick's Day clover

To make your four leaf clover, you'll need four heart-shaped balloons. Foil balloons are the best way to get a defined shape for this project and will turn out larger, but you could also use three heart balloons instead to make a traditional shamrock shape, if desired. Or, you could choose to use 6 inch latex balloons and a balloon stick (less than $3 for four at Party City) for a handheld decoration. These balloon sticks could also be placed in a vase for a cute themed centerpiece.

On Amazon you can find a 10 pack of 18 inch heart-shaped balloons in two shades of green for $8 or a 20 pack of Mylar Star foil balloons for $10. Green streamers for your stem could be purchased at Dollar Tree, or you might try to get some gorgeous ribbon to make your clover or shamrock more unique. Craft stores will have a wide selection of ribbons, including some that are St. Patrick's Day themed. For example, Michaels has a wired shamrock ribbon, a plaid green wired ribbon, and a thin shamrock ribbon that are all under $3 a piece. To attach your balloons together, you could use tape, but glue dots may hold better and be less visible. 

Crafting your DIY clover decor

Once your balloons have been filled with air, use clear tape or green craft tape to secure the ends of the balloons to their backs to hide them. Then, place glue dots or double-sided tape against the side of one balloon and stick another to it. Continue doing this until you have either three or four balloons together, forming your clover shape. If you're using helium balloons, you may need someone to help you hold them down in order to properly join them. After your balloons are in place, cut your ribbons or streamers to your desired length and tape them to the back of your clover. Now, you can fasten your St. Patrick's Day decor to the wall with a command strip or more tape. With helium balloons, let the decoration float around rather than fixing it in place but ensure that you make your stem long enough to reach it.

For those using latex balloons, you'll need to tie two of them together, repeat this step, and then twist the sets together to make your clover shape. For this method, you won't want to tape down the ends of the balloons. Instead, use them to tie all the pieces together. Finally, glue your stick to the base of your clover and decorate it with ribbons. To finish off your St. Patrick's Day display, you could create an adorable pot of gold decor with pool noodles.