How To Decorate Your Home For St. Patrick's Day

Leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, rainbows, gold, and green beer. Yes, St. Paddy's Day is just around the corner. It's a festive time of year that may only last a day but has centuries of great traditions. Let's take a peek at some of the fun St. Patrick's Day decor that will spruce up the house just in time for gold coins to fall through the chimney. A little history on this green day for you first. The I'll-pinch-you-if-you're-not-wearing-green holiday started over 1,000 years ago in Ireland. According to History, St. Patrick's Day happens during the Christian season of Lent. 

During this time, you'd find Irish families celebrating the life of this Irish saint in the afternoon after morning mass. After all, Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland from Britain. In fact, St. Patrick was first kidnapped and brought to Ireland as an enslaved person, but escaped. However, he later returned to Ireland, bringing the faith with him. Thanks to him, we have this fantastic holiday that centuries later is celebrated! 

Decorate with a four-leaf clover throw pillow

Throw pillows make furniture items more comfortable and inviting. They have a way of telling guests it's okay to take a seat and get cozy on your couch, day bed, or office chair. They also serve as a decorative feature that makes furniture sparkle with a certain appeal. Plus, throw pillows often give flexible support to the back or head. 

So, let's get to decorating with throw pillows for the holiday! This lovely three-leaf clover throw pillow from Grandin Road is the perfect way to embellish a sofa. It offers a lovely shamrock that is 100% wool and has a soft polyfill insert. It also features a removable zippered cover that is off-white with a cotton velveteen back. A few of these throw pillows will bring some Irish glam right into your living room. 

Then there's this "Kiss Me" pillow that would happily spruce up a sofa as well. It features a shamrock and various green hues also made of wool. Of course, we are all searching for that coveted four-leaf clover, but these three-leaf ones will certainly do the trick! According to History, legend has it that St. Patrick explained how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit formed the Holy Trinity using the three leaves of an Irish clover, or a shamrock. This is why it's such a decor staple for the holiday.

Add some interest with a St. Paddy's Day throw

Another way to spruce up the furniture is with throw blankets. They add charm to the sofa or holiday fun to the top of a bland white bedspread. They even turn what would normally be a boring wooden chair into a seating area with a cozy vibe. They also add texture and provide warmth. No matter how you use a throw, it enhances the home. 

That's why it's important we get a four-leaf clover option for decorating during this holiday. There are a few artistic throws such as this throw from Redbubble that fit the bill, or shall we say the shamrock? This throw features 100% polyester fleece and is ideal for throwing over the couch, yourself, or the bed. The four-leaf clovers are green and gold over a black base. The reverse side of the throw is off-white and, best of all, it's machine washable! 

Everyone loves wrapping themselves in a fluffy throw during cold evenings, and with four-leaf clovers adorning this lucky throw, we can all have confidence the 17th of March is going to be cozy this year! The luck of the Irish can also be found in this darling four-leaf clover throw complete with Celtic knots. It has a prominent four-leaf clover in the center that is sure to bring luck.

Create a glow with shamrock and leprechaun string of lights

A string of lights may seem ordinary, but when it comes to decorating, they really can make the home sparkle and shine. From lights around the door to shimmering lights on a patio, they make an environment inviting and memorable. Naturally, LED lights use less natural resources and enhance the aesthetics simultaneously.   

Let's use some for this holiday! There's nothing like these traditional glittering green shamrocks to brighten up the room during this Irish holiday. We love the idea of "Christmas lights" but with shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. They are dressed in their Irish best to brighten up the living room, bedroom, or even the entrance to your home. There is also this version of the shimmering green shamrocks to enhance the home. With over 14 feet of LED indoor or outdoor lights, these string lights will leave your neighbors green with envy!  

Or try this hanging shamrock curtain from Oriental Trading. They will look great hung over the front door or as the backdrop to a photo booth. According to Time, the shamrock, or three-leaf clover, has been known as Ireland's unofficial national flower for centuries.

Gnomes drink green beer too!

Figurines and plush dolls turn any room into a conversation piece. From the kitchen to the children's bedroom, a fun plushie like a gnome reminds us just what we're celebrating! And for St. Paddy's days, there are tons of feel-good green figures to scatter around the house. Try the mantle, couch, bed, patio furniture, and even the kitchen table for a few great spots. 

These adorable Irish Gnome Leprechauns from good ol' Amazon will liven up any room. Their faces are hidden, which allows for a bit of mystery during the holiday. Just what is under that cute shamrock hat? Perhaps a tipsy gnome after all the green beer? Of course, gnomes protect the home in folklore. So, these plush dolls are a perfect way to invite in some festive fun.

But perhaps you're looking for a protective gnome to welcome guests to the house? We've got that for you too! Check out this LED cute gnome statue from Inspire Uplift that makes for the perfect welcome guest! Another great option is to place some Irish gnome figurines around the house. These little gnomes have shamrocks and a traditional gnome hat to enhance the flavor of the holiday. They also carry a pot of gold and are fully dressed in green. All that's missing is the green beer. But that comes later.

Leprechauns descend on the home with luck

We all could use some luck and gold coins at the end of the rainbow during St. Patrick's Day. And that's why having some good luck leprechauns sprinkled around the home makes sense during this time of year. Let's start with this handsome plush leprechaun from Etsy that could be sitting pretty on your fireplace mantle. In his green ensemble, this leprechaun is quite the Irishman, complete with a good luck clover hat. Another lucky group of tiny-yet-mighty gold-coin-clad leprechauns awaits you in this figurine set from Oriental Trading. But, what is it about these mini men with gold coins who adorn our homes? Here's the scoop on these good luck wonders.

According to Trafalgar Travel, leprechauns are often depicted in green with gold buttons and work as shoemakers. They are part of the fairy family and have not lost their essence as time has passed. Indeed, their mystique and folklore have only grown over the years, as evidenced by our need for leprechaun-everything come St. Patrick's Day.

Decorate with cheerful rainbows

For this holiday, it's creative to place some rainbows and pots of gold figurines around the home. We want to keep up with tradition and make sure the house shows that "the luck of the Irish" lives here! Try placing a selection of figurines in the kitchen on top of the refrigerator or scattered on the kitchen table for an easy conversation starter. They also look great on a staircase or on the coffee table around a vase of flowers. Of course, at the end of the rainbow awaits the pot of gold. So, where does the myth of the gold coins come from? According to Provident Metals, Irish folklore maintains that fairies would place a pot of gold coins right at the end of the rainbow where a leprechaun would guard it. Surely, the gnomes will keep anyone looking for our gold coins out of the house!

This rainbow figurine with a pot of gold from Etsy will put the luck of the Emerald Isle in your home. Or you can use this black cauldron filled with gold from Etsy as a dining table centerpiece. We want to be sure we reach the destination of that elusive pot of gold, so let's hold out all the stops when it comes to decorating this year. 

Green beer decorates the bar with a twist

Green beer sure does get its day in the sun during St. Paddy's Day! Use a clear traditional beer glass for this holiday, such as these shamrock beer glasses from Etsy. These glasses can also be used as vases for an assortment of three-leaf clovers. Try placing them in the dining room, living room, bedrooms, and bathroom to add some green foliage to the home that fits in with the holiday. As luck would have it, green beer awaits those who believe in the luck of the Irish. Sure, the traditional darker Irish Guinness may not turn green, but you can transform a lighter-toned ale if you drop some green food dye in it. Voila! A green beer. 

Or, you can simply hang up this tapestry of green beer from Nhala Home for a St. Patrick's Day party that (naturally) celebrates green beer at the bar. Of course, if you're going to serve green beer at the bar, you're sure to have some cool green beer socks! Why not? It all goes together seamlessly: The green clovers, green beer,  green beer socks, and St.Patrick's Day  Cheers!

Decorate your home like the Blarney Stone castle

Most of our homes may not be castles, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the Blarney Stone castle in our own homes during this holiday! From tapestries of it to decorative tiles, there are quite a few ways that we can make the castle stand out in our homes on St. Patrick's Day. Tradition has it that the Blarney Stone in Ireland can be kissed for the ability to gain persuasiveness and eloquence, as per History. Indeed, St. Patrick's Day is an occasion for both since we will need to be eloquent and persuasive to get to that tempting pot of gold. So, we thought this tapestry of the Blarney Stone castle was apropos. Try hanging it up in the party room, draping it behind the living room sofa or behind the bar. After all, we're celebrating an Irish tradition and ought to give credit where credit is due!

These Blarney Stone decorative tiles can achieve the same goal. They feature the Blarney Stone castle and can easily be given out as gifts to party guests or used as coasters. Additionally, one could purchase a handful of them to create a tiled serving area where some traditional St. Paddy's Day food could be displayed. For starters, go with the commonly served corned beef with mustard, Guinness beef stew, shepherd's pie, or a cleverly decorated dessert.

Green glasses make for a decadent dining room table

Wine glasses add class to a dining room table. Of course, there are wine glasses for whites and reds along with lovely champagne flutes. But if you use some colorful wine or water glasses, you'll add color to a traditional table. When decorating the table for your St. Patrick's Day celebration, bring out all the stops! These green stemware glasses from Amazon will bring a dose of festiveness to your tablescape. And while they may not be for that green beer, they do allow for any libation to shine through with equal dazzle. Offered in a soft green pastel, these romantic stemware glasses come in a set of four and promise to allow for a "cheers" worth making.

Also beautiful are these Antoinette wine glasses in green with a gold rim from Wayfair. The gold trim offers the glass a classy touch and creates elegance to your St. Paddy's party table decor. And for those who aren't interested in wine glasses, we've got these neat glass cups from Classic Legacy that will beautifully decorate the table as well. These stemless glasses feature a perfectly placed Irish shamrock with a creative silver design. You can use them to serve water or another drink.

Decorate the table with four leaf clover plates

Decorative plates adorn a table with a certain sense of gusto. A vast selection of plates awaits a table for pretty decor, including glass and china. But for our purposes, we'll focus on a few styles that work for serving food during our favorite green holiday. Choose clover plates for your cornish hen and potatoes this year. They make a table sparkle with holiday appeal. Try serving the Irish dinner on these festive four-leaf clover plates from Meri Meri. They come in a light green hue with a gold rim around the edge. Designed in a clover, these are as party-perfect as they come!

Looking for a bolder way to say "I love the Irish" on your table? You can make the table sparkle with Irish fever by placing these wired green clover garlands from Party City around the table as well. Or, try accentuating the garlands by placing these white delicate four-leaf clover plates from Wayfair around the table. They are also designed in a clover but feature a white base with smaller clover designs surrounding the edge of the plate. Both options allow for entertaining with a "clover-happy flair."

Green wreaths will make it memorable

Wreaths often set the mood of a home as they're the first decorative item you see when entering the front door. Plus, they "introduce" the holiday theme to the rest of your home. This time we're celebrating St. Paddy's. So, when the guests come knocking, knock their socks off with some beautiful wreaths adorning your doors throughout the home this holiday. Here are a few wreaths to make your entrance memorable. This wreath from Michaels promises to wow your guests with its delicate plastic foliage. A bonus! It looks real and won't wilt! Twelve come in the package, so you can put them up throughout the home or hang them on your wall in a creative design.

Are you not feeling the foliage look? Opt for a more "Christmasey" look with this green ornament wreath from Christmas Central. It is perfect for St. Paddy's Day and will work for other holidays as well. Plus, it starts off the don't-pinch-me holiday with a bang. Ever wonder why you get pinched if you don't wear green on St. Paddy's? 

The Christian Science Monitor reports that this all-American pinching tradition (that's right, it doesn't seem to happen in Ireland!) started because St. Patrick's celebrators believed that wearing green made them invisible to fairies, leprechauns, and anyone else who they would pinch if they were clad in other colors. See, leprechauns are sneaky, and they are angered if they notice someone dressed in different colors besides green.

Balloon the luck into your home!

Balloons make decorating a home so much fun! There are balloons with tassels, balloon arches, and even outside balloon designs to add whimsy to the swimming pool. And there's nothing like real balloons to welcome guests to a party! Let's get out the helium or take deep breaths of air and make a balloon-extravaganza for St. Paddy's. This Party City sign that spells out the word "lucky" with balloons doesn't require helium and will easily inflate! 

Why not stock up on enough of them to scatter throughout the home? You can also create little party favor bags and include this lucky balloon in them. But, don't stop with just one balloon; spice it up with even more fun! There can never be enough festive decorations for this special day!

Take a look at this lit-up garland also from Party City. Either of these will make guests feel like they've landed in a St. Paddy's Day party-land! Of course, the Emerald Isle is known for its lush green foliage, so any green balloons will do! Finally, we couldn't resist showing you this leprechaun balloon to greet guests at the entrance of your home. With all these balloons, you're sure to throw an unforgettable party that will keep guests smiling until the wee hours of the night.

Warm up the night with a glowing clover neon light

Neon lights have become a staple for many home bar areas. They scream, "this is the place for celebration," and make guests smile at the design. Let's visit some St. Paddy's options for your party! Spruce up festivities by adding this neon green clover light to the party. This clover will set the mood and make guests know they're in the right St. Paddy's Day spot. And while you're at it, add this fun St. Patrick's Day neon light. This will make the bar area of your home stand out. Indeed, no one will wonder where to get their green beer! 

Or, to make the green beer location really evident, try this Cold Beer neon sign behind the bar. You can even choose from a variety of color schemes. But we recommend you stick with the green, of course. And here's one for that Notre Dame fan. Check out a statement-maker like this Notre Dame Fighting Irish neon number! This is truly the selection for die-hard fans of Notre Dame who know that envy against an opposing team will come out in green when this holiday comes around.

Decorate with St. Paddy's Day candles

As we well know, candles truly set the ambiance in a home. They add appeal and romance, plus they allow for a minimally decorated home to seem a bit more decadent. And these days, there are fake candles that still give off a lovely warm glow, so there's no fear of danger with children or pets. Indeed, let's not spare a single flickering wick during this holiday. Be sure to decorate the home with candles that are either green or come in a green holder. This green lantern from Walmart is sure to be a hit! Several of them dotted around the home should be enough to invite the luck of the Irish inside. Or, if you prefer to have green candles, try out these apple-scented ones from Goose Creek Candle. They are soy-based and have at least 35 hours of burn time. Enough for a few Paddy's Day parties for sure! 

We suggest placing candles throughout the home to really create the mood of a festive party. And for those who prefer to keep the flame toned down a bit more, there are small green tea light candles that will flicker just as well. These green tea light candles from Verishop will illuminate the home perfectly. Try putting them inside a candle holder like these green votive holders from Quick Candles. As we know, there can't be enough green during this holiday!