How To Easily DIY A Collapsible Laundry Room Folding Station

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Organizing your clothes in your laundry room can be challenging when there's limited space, and you may often find yourself battling against the rest of the items in the room to get anything done. However, this problem can easily be fixed with a DIY by @ilikenotebooks on TikTok, which shows how you can use scrap wood to create a handy folding station that fits virtually any space. With the foldable element, you can even put this behind a door, which is perfect if the rest of the room is cramped. As a result, you should be able to quickly and easily organize your clothes, rather than struggling.

Thankfully, this hack isn't too expensive, and it can be completed with an upcycled piece of wood, which would cut costs even further. So, if you need a quick solution on a budget, this will be the DIY to try. All you need is some scrap wood large enough to be a folding table, a tape measure, a saw (if you want to cut it), an electric drill, a pencil, some wood stain, a clear gloss finish, a large paintbrush, and some foldable supports. If you don't have some scrap wood already, purchase some from Lowe's for $17.98, and some foldable supports from Amazon for $15.99, which come in multiple sizes. Likewise, if you don't have any wood stain, grab some off Amazon for $19.99.

Attach the board to your wall

First, you'll want to measure how big you want your wood board to be and plan where you want it to go. While it could already be a good size, you may want to trim it down — the choice is yours and depends on what works with your space. You want it to be easily folded down without obstructing anything. Once you've done this, your board is ready for a coat of wood stain across the whole thing before sealing it. You can buy a clear gloss on Amazon for $12.98. Now, you just need to wait for it to dry.

Once everything is cured, prep your foldable supports. To begin, you'll need to decide where you want them to sit on your wall, whether that's behind a door or on a clear blank space. Next, screw your foldable supports to your board and note on your wall where you want the screw holes to sit. Open these up with your electric screwdriver and insert the expansion glue, which should be provided alongside your product. Now, all that's left to do is use the remaining screws to mount your table in place, using your electric screwdriver to finish off the job to ensure it's secure. As a result, you should be left with a nifty foldable table that you can now use to sort your laundry whenever you need to.

Add some extra functionality

Although this foldable laundry table works well, there are ways that you can add some extra functionality. Do so by adding some hooks on the underside of your board, whether it's folded up or down. This is a great way to hang clothes, hangers, or other items on hand, which is useful on a busy day and can help organize your laundry room. Grab some black ones off Amazon for $7.99 per four-pack and install them yourself. However, that's not the only change you can make. Rather than adding wood stain, you could paint it a different color to match the rest of the room, or you even have the option to paint on your own design if you have an artistic flair, such as flowers or another intrinsic pattern.

This reason DIY is so effective all boils down to how it works, with the foldable element meaning it can fit in even the most awkward of spaces. It's also much cheaper than renovating your entire laundry room, which can cost a considerable amount in comparison and may simply be out of the question if you're looking for solutions on a budget. Just ensure that it's secured correctly to the wall so it doesn't fall off, which could be dangerous or damage your floor. Also, consider installing it out of reach of younger children, who may be tempted to pull and climb on it.