Get Your Front Porch Ready For Spring With This Gorgeous Easter Decor Idea

Now that March has begun, it's time to start thinking about how to decorate your home for Easter this year. If you want a unique floral aesthetic for your porch but you're sick of traditional wreaths, this DIY is the perfect project. By creating the base for an archway with PVC pipe and chicken wire or wood and adorning it with a variety of faux greenery and flower garlands, you can make a gorgeous floral frame to accent your front door or decorate an already existing archway. You may also choose to make your own garlands, though this will make the project take much longer.

While you could simply create an archway with only spring flowers, you might also consider adding other decorations, such as pastel-colored Easter eggs. Regular plastic eggs will work, but if you're looking for something larger, try these foam craft eggs from Amazon for $18. Paint could be used to enhance the white eggs, and you could also tie ribbons around the center for a cute look.

Supplies for your Spring and Easter archway

For this decoration to have a sweet spring look, you'll want to use garlands with different colors, sizes, and textures. Larger arches could require as many as 30 garlands, though you may be able to insert individual faux flowers as well. To add a pop of vibrant leaves, Ashland green foliage garland ($12 at Michaels) and a three-pack of eucalyptus garlands ($14 on Amazon) would work as great bases for your stunning DIY floral arch.

When choosing your flowers, try to stick to ones with traditional spring or Easter colors, such as yellow, blue, pink, and white. It's also a good idea to have different types of flowers to give your archway a more dynamic appearance. For example, you could use a garland with yellow flowers from Amazon for $20, along with a hydrangea berry garland from Michaels for $60. If you like the idea of adding small Easter eggs to your decor but don't want to place them individually, pastel Easter egg and berry garland ($20 on Amazon) is a great choice.

Creating your front porch Easter decor

To start your DIY arch, measure the area you want your decoration to frame and get three pieces of PVC pipe in the same dimensions. Using PVC elbow connectors, attach the pipes to create your base. Planks of wood could also be drilled together or fastened with wood glue to create a wooden frame. This base should be tied to an archway at the front of your porch or attached to railings alongside your doorframe. When your base is sturdy and in place, secure pieces of chicken wire around the three sides with zip ties. If you're using a wooden frame, you may not need the chicken wire to achieve a full look. This will complete your base, and you can begin adding your garlands.

To ensure your flowers really stick out, layer your greenery garlands around the frame first and secure them with zip ties. Flower garlands can then be placed around your archway, or you could wrap wire the stems of faux flowers around your green garlands for a different aesthetic. Plastic or Foam Easter eggs could be attached with hot glue or tied on with ribbons. If you prefer not to have the eggs in your garland, you could place large decorative Easter eggs on your porch beside the archway or even an Easter bunny statue, like this "Carotene the Rabbit" garden statue from Amazon. With this project, you can ditch your wreath and create the cutest spring decor.