The Easy Solution You Need For Rounder, Fuller Couch Cushions

Raise your hand if you've been victimized by flat couch cushions. With how expensive couches can be, how dare those lucrative cushions you invested in go flat? Beyond detracting from the overall appeal of your sofa, it can lead to discomfort, too. Over time, several factors can result in flat, clunky cushions, the first being regular use. Constant compression from body weight naturally leads to the breakdown of the cushion's filling material. So, trust us, there's nothing you can do to stop this from happening, but we'll show you how to bring your furniture back to life.

The first solution we came across was Dacron wrap. This inexpensive, synthetic polyester is often used as upholstery to provide additional padding and support. Place Dacron wrap around your foam cushion to help maintain its shape and fullness, and this extra layer of resilience will surely extend the life of your cushions. The best part is that it isn't uncomfortable or even noticeable when it's time to plop down on your couch for a well-needed movie night.

Stockinette undercovers are a great alternative, too. Similar to Dacron wrap, this option preserves the full, round look with a layer of protection, but it also keeps the sofa cushions from slipping and sliding off the sofa frame. Applying the stockinette will prevent friction between your body and the cushions, ensuring you'll have your buffers for a long time. Comfortability isn't sacrificed here, either. 

Other helpful tips for maintaining your couch cushions

Once you've found your method for taking care of your couch cushions, there are other minor things you should do to keep your furniture around for as long as possible. Regular cleaning and maintenance of couch cushions are essential for preserving their shape, fullness, and longevity. Over time, cushions can accumulate dust, dirt, and debris, leading to a flattened appearance and a less comfortable seating experience. Be wary of the "sandpaper effect," which is friction derived from the combined efforts of your body, the cushion, and the dust on top of it.

To combat this, wash your couch cushions covers regularly via vacuuming or the washing machine. Ensure you buy durable covers made of breathable materials like cotton and linen. Silicone sprays are also super helpful. Spraying on your cushions helps add a water-proof element to your couch while preventing bacteria and buildup caused by moisture.

On top of regular cleanings, rotating couch cushions are integral to their shelf life. Regularly turning cushions help distribute weight and wear evenly so one side doesn't become more compressed than the other. We all have a favorite side of the couch, so doing this helps preserve it longer. Beyond maintaining shape and firmness, this also allows long-term comfortability.