How To Restuff Your Couch Cushions And Bring Your Furniture Back To Life

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A tell-tale sign of a well-loved couch is the cushions looking dented and lackluster. After years of sitting and lounging, there will be inevitable patterns and flat spots. This doesn't mean it's time to go couch shopping, but simply that your couch needs a little bit of love and sprucing.

While restuffing a couch cushion might seem like a daunting task better left to the professionals, it's pretty simple and inexpensive. According to The Spruce, simply restuffing a cushion is so easy that even a first-timer will have it ready in no time. It could be an excellent opportunity to reupholster or replace old cushions, but that would require more time, effort, and even professional intervention. But to restuff your couch cushions and bring your furniture back to life, you'll need the couch cushions, some stuffing material, an adhesive, and about an hour or so. With a little bit of effort, your couch will look as good as new, if not better.

The back cushions

Restuffing your couch cushions need to be done in two phases — the back cushions and seat cushions, according to The Spruce. This is because they need two distinct materials and processes. You can start with either, but both require removing them from the couch and taking off the cushion cover. If you'd like to, consider washing them at this point.

For the back cushions, you'll need at least a 10-pound bag of Poly-Fil, perhaps more, depending on the size of your couch. Put in as much of the stuffing as you can into your empty back cushion cover. Keep filling until it looks over-crammed; the stuffing will settle and flatten after a couple of weeks. If you want to be more precise, get a stick or a tool to get the stuffing into every corner of the cushion cover. Consider purchasing a quilting stuffing tool like this one from Amazon. You can also use it to smooth the surface of the cushion to prevent a lumpy appearance.

The seat cushions

For the seating cushions, you'll need a roll of quilt batting, The Spruce recommends at least 8 yards, but again, you may need more or less depending on the size of your couch. Seating cushions are meant to be flatter instead of fluffy and are typically made up of foam pieces.

To restuff your seating cushions, begin by removing the pieces of foam. Don't discard them, as they're vital for the next step. Next, unravel your quilt batting, and wrap it around the foam pieces like an envelope. Wrap the batting for roughly three layers or until it seems adequately stuffed. Then, use a spray adhesive to secure the batting to the foam.

It may be challenging to get the seating cushion back into the cushion cover, as it will be bigger than it was before, so consider asking someone to help you get it back in. Smooth out any bumps or lumps on both the back and seating cushions, and put them back on your couch.