The Genius Way Book Lovers Are Reclaiming Under-Stairs Space

Believe it or not, there are many clever ways to repurpose unused under-stairs spaces. For example, do you have more books than you know what to do with and are looking for somewhere more creative to put them than your bedroom, living room, or closet? Rather than letting the space under your stairs sit empty with no real purpose or embellishment, consider using it to give some of your many books a new designated spot inside your home.

Of course, how you go about storing your books under your stairs depends on how much space you have, the stairs' structure, and your aesthetic preferences. That said, there should still be an under-stairs book-storing solution that will fit your situation. For instance, some people may want to mount wood shelving to the walls in the space beneath their stairs, while others might prefer to attach book shelving under the staircase or each step itself. Some may even want to keep a portable bookcase under the stairs.

Consider a DIY bookcase

Anyone wanting to put a bookcase under their stairs should check out some DIY bookshelf ideas. For example, TikTok user @selenebuildsthings posted a video that showed them creating a wooden bookshelf. First, they cut the bookcase's sides out of plywood, then cut the smaller shelves and added pocket holes. They then sanded the plywood to give it a smoother texture. Next up was assembly. They put all of the bookcase's elements together, using corner clamps to "hold pieces in place and get it [the shelf] square." The final result looked well-made and sturdy, but keep in mind that you may want a smaller shelf if you don't have very much room under your stairs.

An easier way to store books beneath your stairs is to simply put them in a wooden crate, set the crate on its side in the designated spot, and let it serve as a shelf. Similarly, if you have a decent amount of space under your stairs and want to store a lot of books, stack a few pre-made wooden crates on top of each other. That way, you won't have to work with any tools you aren't comfortable with, and you can still store plenty of books under your stairs.

You might also want to check out some convenient shelving products

Another way to flaunt books under your stairs is to buy already-made shelves or other storage options for hanging your books on the wall, such as West Elm's best-selling Mid-Century Modular Bookshelf, which is available for about $669 and is made of engineered wood with a rubberwood veneer. If you have a lot of space on the walls under your stairs and an abundance of books that need somewhere to sit, you might want to opt for the set of three, which you can get for about $2,000.

A more contemporary option is the Mercury Row Scriven 5 Piece Accent Shelf, which you can purchase for around $70 at Wayfair. Also made of engineered wood, this shelving option has a more modern design with shelves of different lengths, and many reviewers enjoy its dynamic, unique appearance. Put it on the wall under your stairs to get guests talking and add life to the space while storing your favorite novels.

Alternatively, you might want to consider the Nathan James Benji 32-inch 3-Tier Floating Wall Bookcase, available for about $105 at Home Depot. Many reviewers praise the wooden bookshelf, noting its reliable build and stylish look. So, are you ready to take your under-stairs space from boring to bookish?