Here's Why You Should Put A Wine Rack Above Your Toilet

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The average bathroom is around 40 to 100 square feet, but many apartments and dorms have half-bathrooms. These are significantly smaller, measuring only 15 to 26 square feet. Now imagine having to store a bunch of towels and other items like bathrobes, cleaning solutions, and laundry in such little space. That's difficult for one person, let alone a couple or a family with kids. In such cases, you have to think outside the box in order to make the most out of your small bathroom. One solution is to place a wine rack above the toilet.

Wine racks are perfect for holding toilet paper rolls, magazines, toiletries, and decorative jars. They're also large enough to hold several towels or bathrobes. For example, you can roll your towels and then place them horizontally into the compartments of the rack. If you're feeling creative, organize them by color to create a visually appealing display. A wine rack with multiple tiers or shelves offers an even wider range of options.

Maximize your bathroom space with a wine rack

A basic wine rack can double as a bookshelf, towel shelf, shoe organizer, officer supply holder, and more. To maximize space in a small bathroom, hang or mount the rack on the wall above your toilet. After that, use it to store bath towels, scented sachets, toothbrush holders, and other accessories. Consider its size and shape, as well as your storage needs.

For example, this metal wine rack from Amazon is ideal for storing rolled towels. One with multiple shelves, on the other hand, can be used to store folded towels or small baskets with candles, essential oils, cotton balls, or grooming tools. You can also add loops or hooks to the sides of the rack. Use them for hanging washcloths or hand towels within arm's reach of the sink.

A note of caution, though: Flushing the toilet can spread contaminated droplets as far as 4.9 feet away within eight seconds, according to 2022 research published in the journal Scientific Reports. Closing the lid prior to flushing doesn't make much of a difference. With that in mind, it's a good idea to wrap your towels and bathrobes in plastic before you place them in a wine rack above the toilet. "All that air when you flush goes somewhere, and it carries the viruses that are in the toilet bowl out of it," microbiologist Charles Gerba told USA Today.