TikTok's 15 Most Genius Closet Storage Ideas That You'll Want To Try ASAP

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Unless you're blessed with a walk-in closet — complete with all the latest bells, whistles, and storage layout solutions — you're probably not getting the most out of your clothing storage. Data from Gitnux shows that the average closet in a modestly sized home measures only 8 square feet. At the same time, Statista says that the average person owns over 130 pieces of apparel.

So if clothes are overflowing from your closet, or the hanging rail is groaning under the weight of all those garments, don't be too harsh on yourself. A lot of builder-grade closets are impractically designed, forcing you to waste space, and making it hard to keep things orderly. Yes, decluttering can help you create extra space and get more organized, but there are plenty of other ways you can keep your closets neat and functional.

Fortunately, #organizedtok is bustling with brilliant ideas that can help you level up your closet storage game. From beautiful ways to display bags and shoes to space-saving solutions and hacks that help maximize every inch, your wardrobe will be sorted out in no time. The best part? Most of these ideas are budget-friendly and easy to execute. Keep reading to let both your wallet and your closet benefit.

Use an IKEA BILLY bookcase to build a beautiful bag display unit

Have you ever yearned for an Instagram-worthy way to store handbags?  TikToker @evaspinkroom demonstrates how you definitely don't need a custom closet to achieve this. The clever TikToker simply used an IKEA BILLY Bookcase to display and store her purses. Although you can leave the front open for a casual look, she opted to fit the front with IKEA's OXBERG doors. This adds the perfect elevated touch and stops dust from settling on the bags. If you don't have a lot of space to work with, IKEA also makes an ultra-narrow BILLY Bookcase that measures under 16 inches across.

Hang up hoodies and jeans with hooks and a towel bar

If your closet rod isn't quite cutting it, here's a hack from TikToker @therenegadehome that can add tons of extra hanging space. Simply mount a cute towel bar to an empty stretch of wall and pick up a pack of large S-hooks. Regular hooks (like these gold ones from Amazon) will work for items like handbags, belts, and hoodies. If you want to be able to neatly hang jeans and large hats, Amazon sells S-hooks that have a clothespin at the bottom. If you want to add more concealed hanging space, you may also be able to use a tension rod from Amazon to quickly create extra rails within your closet for lightweight items.

Use an over-the-door organizer to store small items

Small items can take up a lot of space in a closet, especially if you have deep, high shelves. For more storage without sacrificing accessibility, take a tip from TikToker @theaestheticsideofhomes and mount an over-the-door organizer like this one from Elfa Utility at The Container Store. This Elfa door rack is customizable, offers tons of storage, and doesn't require any drilling. If you're after a cheaper option, Amazon stocks a smaller alternative for under $40. You can also pick up lightweight fabric versions that are even cheaper, such as this 4-pocket over-the-door organizer set that retails for less than $20 on Amazon.

Use shoe cubbies to maximize vertical storage

Does your closet just have a single shelf above the hanging rail, piled high with items? Keeping this area neat can be a challenge. TikToker @aspireorganizing has the perfect solution. By installing a few shoe-stacking shelves from The Container Store, you can transform teetering piles of sweaters into perfectly organized stacks that are easily accessible. The only drawback to this solution is that the shelves cost close to $40 each. If you want to save a few bucks, you can also look for an appropriate-sized alternative, such as this 15-cube ClosetMaid shoe storage unit on Amazon.

This see-through shoe organizer will seriously upgrade your closet aesthetic

Speaking of shoe storage, are your sneakers in a mess at the bottom of your closet? If so, take a cue from this TikToker @sarahhelisabethhh, who shows how you can easily organize and store your kicks with a collection of see-through stackable shoe cabinets. If you have a few high-tops or ankle boots, choose some extra-large options, like these XXL shoe storage boxes on Amazon. If you have knee-high boots, add some extra-tall boxes to your cart, like these from Attelite (also on Amazon).

Shell out for a shoe spinner

Another way you can stylishly organize your shoes to perfection is with a shoe storage tower. A shoe spinner like the one shown in @samstyledthat's TikTok shows how you can store a couple dozen shoes without taking up much floor space. If you can't fit a shoe spinner in your closet, you can also place it in a corner of your bedroom or close to the front door. The only con is that a full-sized revolving shoe rack on Amazon can cost close to $300. If you're watching your wallet, consider a cheaper solution like this over-the-door shoe rack from The Container Store.

DIY some extra shelves

If you're hungry for more storage and handy with a drill, you can also make your closet more functional by installing new DIY shelving. First, measure the space where the shelves will go. You can cut the wood yourself, or opt to have your local hardware store do the labor. In addition to the shelves, you'll need to cut some boards with a length of 1-by-2 inches to create supports. Find the studs in your drywall, nail the boards to the wall, and slide in your shelf pieces. You can add trim to the front to finish things off, or if you're using plywood for the shelves, iron on some edge banding.

Make your closet space work harder with cascading hangers

If your style is on point but your closet size is not, check out this ingenious way to get more out of your hanging space. Instead of jamming in hangers until there's hardly any sliding room, stock up on a few of these space-saving hangers from Amazon. Be sure to get the metal ones so they don't sag in the middle. You can also purchase a pack of clothes hanger connectors from Amazon that enable you to hook hangers onto each other and create a cascade of organization.

Create order with clear dividers

Do you hate it when stacks of clothes fall over and get jumbled? If yes, this hack is for you. Create order by installing some shelf dividers. TikToker @batshevahaart got hers from The Container Store, but you may be able to score a cheaper deal from Amazon. For under $26, you can create Pinterest-worthy piles of clothes that don't topple and get mussed. You can even use shelf dividers to keep purses neat or organize beauty products into categories. If your shelves are very tall, you can opt for practical plastic drawers, available on Amazon in various quantities.

Buy some baby coat hangers to hold your pants

Love to hang your pants but can't handle how hangers with heavy jeans always seem to slip sideways, with one end dangling down and the other jutting out? Wave goodbye to this frustrating, unsightly situation by investing in some baby coat hangers. While you can order baby hangers on Amazon, you'll get an even better bargain at Walmart by grabbing a 100-pack of velvet hangers for only $32.99. Not only are baby hangers the perfect width for pants, but you can also use them to hang small items like sports bras, vests, or camisoles. 

Use tension rods to instantly create a shoe rack

If you want a quick solution for storing a lot of shoes, @alittlebitoflife__'s TikTok shoe rack hack will allow you to create a shoe rail within minutes. All you need are two tension rods (such as these stainless steel ones from Amazon) and some room at the bottom of your closet. Position the first slightly higher than the second if you're planning on hanging up heels. If you're more of a sneakers guy or girl, place the rods at the same height.

Mount floating shelves to display shoes and bags

While we're on the topic of sneakers, have you ever thought of using shelves to display your collection? By mounting a few floating shelves you can get your shoes off the ground and make them into a feature. If you use something like these floating shelves from Amazon, all you'll need to do is find a stud and mount the pin brackets with some screws. If you're looking for a really sturdy solution, you can also consider something like IKEA's LACK wall shelf unit.

Create a wall-mounted closet with the Elfa system

What if there's just no way you're going to fit anything more into your existing closet? Or maybe you don't even have a built-in? In this video, TikToker @thesimplyorganized shows how you can quickly erect a wall-mounted closet using the Elfa system from The Container Store. Elfa is known for its sturdy, innovative products, but these systems can be on the pricey side. If you're after something a little easier on your bank balance, Amazon stocks a similar closet kit, albeit with fewer add-on options.

Install a ladder shelf to put your purses on display

If you have a bunch of pretty purses, this is the perfect opportunity to create an eye-catching display that can double as décor and storage. TikToker @dainty.details used the SUPERJARE Ladder Shelf from Amazon. All you have to do is screw the attachment points at the top into a stud. If you're after a more minimal look, you can also use something very simple, like the IKEA LACK unit, or create some classic boutique vibes with a free-standing glass tower shelf from Amazon (no drilling needed).

Replace wire racks with Target bookcases for a built-in look

Does your closet mainly consist of a few depressing (and let's face it, not very functional) wire shelves? If so, the solution might be as simple as some bookcases from Target. At only $40 each, they're a bargain and you can easily customize the shelves to suit your needs. The only extra items you'll require are adjustable rods (Amazon sells this heavy-duty set for under $24) a drill, and a hammer. For the final wow factor, add in some LED lights. If you have extra-tall ceilings, feel free to double up on the bookcases, but you may want to screw them together.