How To DIY The Adorable Wreath Every Garden Enthusiast Needs This Spring

Colorful decorations are an excellent way to transition from winter by incorporating spring-inspired colors into your home. Say goodbye to stormy gray and dark blue hues and hello to lively yellow and soft pastel tones. Many spring embellishments consist of greenery and garden animals. If you enjoy gardening and planting new flowers, fruits, or vegetables, we have the perfect wreath you need to DIY this spring. It's made up of gorgeous vintage seed packets and lots of ribbons. You can style an empty wall with it, hang it on the back porch door, or display it on a window. It adds the perfect amount of spring to your space, especially if you don't always want to go overboard with decorations. The best part about this DIY is you can make it right at home with just a few materials.

All you'll need is a wire wreath, vintage seed packets or regular seed packets, colorful ribbon, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, extra accessories like faux flowers, a pipe cleaner, and scissors. Walmart sells a wire wreath for $9.97. Etsy sells a packet of nine vintage flower seeds for $6. If you want a vintage vegetable theme, Amazon sells a collage sheet of vegetables for $3.75 that you can cut and display on your wreath. Michaels sells ribbons in various colors. You'll need two to three rolls of grosgrain-wired ribbon in blue and white for this specific DIY, which costs $4.99 at Michaels.

Wrap your wire wreath with ribbon

Lay out all of your materials on a table. Pick one of the two ribbon colors you want to wrap the wreath. Start from the bottom and work your way around. Leave 2 to 3 inches of space at the bottom to expose the wires. You'll cover that later with a bow. As you wrap the ribbon around the wreath, keep it evenly spaced and tightened as you wrap it to secure it. It's possible to use a single roll to wrap the entire wreath, so when you reach the end of the first roll, tuck the last bit between the wires. Then, grab a new roll, add a bit of hot glue to one end, and lay it on top of the previous ribbon to continue wrapping where you left off. Let the glue dry completely.

Map out your seed packets

Gather your seed packets and arrange them around your wreath. Choose what packets you want next to each other. Create a pattern you love by grouping similar colors or pairing your favorite flowers. You can also angle the seed packet printouts or keep them straight and decide if you want to cover all of the wrapped ribbon or leave a little space between the seed packets.

Glue your seed packets

After deciding how you want to arrange your packets, hot glue each in place on the ribbon. Add a dollop or line of glue to the backside of the seed packet and lay it on the ribbon. If you don't have hot glue, you can use tape or super glue. 

Hot glue additional details

If you bought faux flowers or have foam leaves, now is the time to glue them in sparse areas on your wreath. Glue the flowers around and between the seed packets for texture and extra color.

Create a bow with leftover ribbon

Finally, fill the space you left exposed with a bow. Use the white and blue ribbon to create a beautiful bow by measuring and cutting the two pieces to be the same length. Then, fold the ribbons in half twice to create a layered rectangle. You should have four layered loops. Next, take the pipe cleaner and tie the center of the rectangle to secure it in place. Pull the ribbon from each loop to fluff up the bow. Each ribbon color will overlap, but you should end up with a fluffy, large bow.

Tie the bow to your wreath

Once you finish shaping your bow, place it in the space you left open and thread the pipe cleaner through the wires to tie the bow to the wreath. Tie the pipe cleaner tightly and fix the bow so it's straight. Now, you have a stunning spring wreath to display around your home. It's the best way to refresh your home for the spring