This Adorable Easter Decor DIY Turns Toilet Paper Rolls Into A Cheery Centerpiece

Easter baskets, chocolate bunnies, colorful eggs, and spring blooms always excite us to welcome spring. We prepare for longer days full of sunshine and plan late-night activities. We also decorate the house for Easter, filling the home with decorative eggs, spring quotes, flowers, and wreaths we DIYed with pool noodles. While you can make eye-catching floral arrangements with natural or artificial blooms that you bought at the grocery store or nursery, there are various ways you can create the perfect centerpiece for your picnic table that screams Easter by using colorful eggs. However, combining plastic eggs with artificial flowers makes a messy arrangement. A toilet paper roll is an easy way to keep everything in its place.

TikTok user @sellingthesuburbs made a striking artificial floral arrangement. She stuck a toilet paper roll in the middle of her vase and added colorful eggs around it to create a stable base. When she put the flowers inside, they didn't fall out or hang low on the sides. Plus, the eggs gave the centerpiece a beautiful splash of color. Recreate the TikToker's cheery centerpiece and display it on your kitchen table, near a window, or picnic table throughout spring. It takes less than 30 minutes to make, and you already have the main star of the show at home: toilet paper roll. You'll also need a vase, colorful Easter eggs from Michaels ($3), a plush bunny from Dollar Tree, and your favorite artificial flowers.

Use an empty toilet paper roll for your Easter centerpiece

Lay out all of your materials on a table. Start with an empty vase and put the empty toilet paper roll in the center, as shown by TikTok user @sellingthesuburbs. Then, add the colorful Easter eggs around the toilet paper roll to keep them pressed against the sides. You can fill them to the brim of the roll so that you don't get any inside. Next, insert the artificial flowers into the toilet paper roll so they're in the middle of the vase. You can combine different flower types to create a beautiful bundle or keep all the flowers the same. Finally, add extra details, such as the plush bunny, in the center of the vase so it rests against the flowers.

If you want a more spectacular centerpiece, Dollar Tree has many Easter decorations you can include in your vase. For instance, they sell cute carrot picks that pair beautifully with flowers and decorative eggs. Stick them into the toilet paper roll to blend with the flowers. Dollar Tree also sells grass bags, which you can add underneath the eggs to give the illusion that they're hiding in the grass. To finish the look, tie a beautiful bow around the vase with Dollar Tree's Easter printed wire-edge ribbon. Create multiple Easter centerpieces to decorate your console table, coffee table, and kitchen. You'll be ready for the spring season with this fun DIY.