How To Decorate A Console Table

A console table is about as tall as a desk and is often a long rectangular shape, making it the ideal piece of furniture for setting up against the wall. This type of table varies in style, allowing you to get creative with the decor elements and setup. Create a beautiful vignette on your console table with thoughtful decor items that showcase clean lines and add texture. One may choose to layer their console table with various decor items, from baskets and candlesticks to vases and lamps. 

Keep the decor simple and classic if the table is bold, or choose to add lamps and vases with exotic patterns to create a more understated display, as per Real Homes. You could mix and match these endless possibilities and create a transitional decor set up for any home style. Whether your console table is in your home office, in the hallway, or at your home's entryway, style it with confidence using these helpful ideas to create your ideal tablescape.

Add table lamps for a balanced look

Do not overlook lighting as a decor element for your console table. The consideration of adding light to an area is a unique way to take up space and keep the decor functional. If you have a room that needs added light or height variation, you may consider lamps as a possible solution. Consider adding a pair of table lamps to the console table to create symmetry in your decor design, as per Homes & Gardens. Whether you opt for one or two lamps for your console table is entirely up to you and the table size. 

As a starting point, one should determine what use the lighting will have in your area –- task lighting, mood lighting, or purely decorative. Next, decide the functionality of the light as it is important for choosing which height of lamp you need for your table. One could consider a 30-inch tall lamp for ambient lighting, or a lamp under 10 inches for a subtle glow to set the mood (via Home Decor Bliss). You can also go big and choose a light over 36 inches to really attract the eye. You could even use lamps to introduce textures into the space. One could look for lamp bases with fun details, patterns, and bold colors that would brighten an area in an unexpected way.

Display art and collectible prints

A few pieces of framed art side by side could be just the touch your console table needs. Instead of hanging a single piece of art, choose two or three to display across the length of the table. Showcase your creative side and find pieces that reflect places you have been, wish to go, or order prints that make you feel calm and create a sense of warmth. One could consider leaning the framed art against the wall or hanging it six inches above the table, suggests Pier 1

The laid-back, layered look is increasingly popular in today's console table styling. This preferred method is particularly ideal for those who switch their art often and like to refresh the space with current trends. When choosing art, one should keep proportion in mind so the display on your table looks cohesive and well-balanced. If your table already has an oversized mirror or large lamp as a focal point, consider smaller frames for the art pieces to accent the existing elements instead of competing with them.

Consider using baskets for additional storage

If your console table has the space underneath it for additional decor elements, consider adding a basket or two for a simple storage solution. The void under the table could appear awkward if left empty, so Joss & Main suggests layering items to fill it. One could consider baskets with added textural elements such as handles, decorative lids, and intricate patterns to help break up the space and create the perfect hidden storage solution. You could make the shape a priority and measure which size will fit under the table to help determine what will look best. You could select a rectangular-shaped basket for a long table or choose a round smaller basket for a more compact table in an entryway. 

If the console table is large enough, opt to add a set of matching baskets. Look to fill your naturally weaved basket with cream and taupe blankets for a comfortable, cozy look, or introduce patterns into the space by piling quilts and pillows with tassels inside. When styling your console table, this approach will help take up space and make the decor purposeful. Plus, it is a great way to conceal any unsightly wires, too!

Decorate the space underneath the console table

Console tables without additional shelving near the floor allow for different decor elements to be explored by the decorator, such as sliding an ottoman underneath. Ottomans come in various shapes, sizes, textures, and patterns for you to choose from. If you are lucky enough, finding the right one can instantly bring color and originality to a space. Ottomans have a natural ability to accent a room and help create different height arrangements for the eye to explore. 

If you choose to style your console table with an ottoman or two, Birch Lane suggests selecting one that fits neatly underneath your console table for a streamlined look. Finding the right size to fit your table is important since you want it to look effortless in the space and complement the area. If it's in your living room, use the ottoman for additional seating when needed or as a footstool, checking off that functionality decor box.

Display an oversized mirror with the table

Hanging a mirror is a great way to add personality to your space. Consider adding a mirror over your foyer console table as a spot to double-check your look before heading out the door. Or, maybe you would rather lean a rectangular mirror against the wall for a more modern, layered look. Either way, you choose how to style it, but one should pay close attention to the shape they select to adorn their space. When styling a piece of furniture, shapes are important, as per Ballard Designs

Find the perfect mirror shape by selecting the ideal one for your area. Mirrors are available in all sorts of shapes, from circles, rectangles, ovals, or butterflies. There are ones with arched tops, gilded edges, or wicker embellishments. Mirrors can make even the tiniest spaces feel bigger since they are reflective. They create the illusion of a larger area by reflecting opposite rooms, making you feel like you have more space (via MyMove). This makes it especially great to add a mirror over a console in a cramped room or tight hallway.

Drape fabric over it for a nontraditional look

Does your console table fit the space dimension-wise, but is throwing off the aesthetic of your home? If you are someone who may not like the finish or color of the existing console table, but the size and shape of it are right for the space, you may want to consider draping some fabric over the table. Once doing so, Homes & Gardens suggests styling items asymmetrically on top. Seemingly a little untraditional, it brings uniqueness to a space. 

"Try grouping a piece of sculpture, a statement lamp, and a vase of flowers for a look that is balanced but has a more contemporary feel," designer Birdie Fortescue told the publication. "Use a generous rug in coordinating tones and a congruous painting or mirror to complete the scheme."

Neutral fabrics are in ample supply, and you can choose from a wide variety of tans, taupes, off-whites, and creams. If you would rather be bold, use this opportunity to bring a layer of visual texture to the decor with vibrant colors and checkered or lined patterns. Find a fabric that complements your space in a contemporary way.

Keep the decor natural

If your space is lacking something, go green. You could choose to flourish the space in earthy elements by adding vivid green plants and delicate seasonal flowers. Simple greenery can be the perfect accent to a natural color tone and muted palette. But if you love color, consider adding vibrant flowers with pink, purple, and yellow hues to make the space more lively. 

If you want to be whimsical with your decor technique, match the floral designs in a favorite painting with a real-life creation on the console table. This playful decor element creates a style-forward look, as per House Beautiful. Adding plants and flowers to a console table introduces a soothing atmosphere and creates a sense of calm thanks to its organic touch. No green thumb is required, either. You can invest in high-quality faux plants to invoke the same feeling of relation and serenity in your home.

Set the tone with your color palette

Consider sticking to a theme when decorating your console table, setting the tone with items of similar style and color. Create a cohesive look by selecting decor pieces with matching elements and materials. You may want to stick to neutral-toned lamp bases or gray stone dishes. If you choose a vase to hold a bouquet on the table, select one with an intimate floral design or interesting geometric pattern in complementary colors to balance the tablescape. 

Neutral color palettes are usually muted colors that can change their tone in different lighting. For example, gray is a popular color choice in today's homes and has a chameleon-like quality, as HGTV shares. The decor options will be endless if you use gray tones, as they easily blend with warm or cool colors. Keeping to a neutral color palette softens the look of the space and helps you create a cozy vibe.

Bring the look together with books

Stacking a set of complementary books — or vertically aligning them between unique bookends — can be the finishing touch to balance the decor on your console table. Using books as decor is a great way to create streamlined piles on the table, and helps create a visually appealing tablescape by altering the heights of items. Books are great for stacking other objects on top of, like statues, bowls, and cork-lid candles. One could layer in a favorite trinket or beaded rope with tassel ends for added texture. 

Books are an easily transitional decor item and can be swapped out to accent colors in the room or be adjusted to alter the vertical space. Choosing the right books is important if you want them to stand out, Decoist warns. Books should be selected with well-designed covers, typography, and binding so they add something special to the room.

Add elements to create height variations

If you have seen a mountain landscape, you know the different peaks and valleys evoke a sense of natural beauty and movement. Think of mountains when decorating your console table and add different elements to create variations in height. These decor elements could be large mirrors, oversized canvas art, or big vases and robust lamps. Items like these make for great focal points on a console table, as per Home Decor Bliss. Their size draws the eye's attention and anchors the look. 

Consider choosing some oversized items to layer into your decor. If oversized does not work for your setup, create height variations by stacking items like books, plates, and statues. If you need something with height but don't want to add a table lamp, add a set of candlesticks on the console table. Candlesticks are an ideal decor element that creates height and can bring movement to the space with its varying shapes.

Try to stick to the basics

Creating a cozy space does not mean filling it to the brim with all the things you find in the store. Sometimes less is really more. If the console table is small and does not offer much surface area to decorate, consider keeping it simple and adding only a few pieces to create the vignette. If you are someone considering a minimalist look for your console table, then try to locate sufficiently sized pieces as decor elements. Size is important as there will only be a select amount of decor items on display. 

Create a statement in the space by choosing to decorate with only a few items. This allows the decor to stand out without being too bold and overtaking the furniture. The basics are all you need, according to MyDoamine. That means creating a vignette with just a lamp, a few reading materials, and some greenery. You could also find ways to add textural elements by choosing pieces wisely and incorporating decor items with delicate details that complement existing colors.

Create visual interest in the space with a rug

You can find most console tables in the entryway of a home, which is also the perfect place for a rug. If this is your scenario, then consider adding a new carpet in your home to help create visual interest in your space. A generous rug in coordinating colors with interesting designs may be just the item needed to complete your console table look. 

According to Real Homes, rugs help visually divide a vastly open space, so you could opt to layer a rug in front of or underneath the console table. Adding a rug to your decor is the perfect way to introduce texture and comfort to your space, as they are typically made from soft materials. Wool, jute, or cotton are all great options for accent rugs. You could even choose a rug with a different border color or fringe for additional flare.

Layer in bowls and dishes for movement

Creating decor layers for the eye to wander through is what makes a space so inviting and pleasing to look at. One should aim to create movement on the console table's flat surface with the addition of oddly shaped bowls and stamped dishes. As per Design Swan, decorative bowls are extremely versatile and are great additions to any space. 

You can leave them empty on the console table — especially if they have a beautiful design — or they can act as a base for other decor items such as pine cones, decorative balls, or moss. Using bowls for decoration adds dimension and depth to the space while still providing functionality. After all, they're not just decorative. They are also ideal for creating drop zone areas on tables, as they can hold important items like letters, keys, or glasses. This is especially handy for console tables in entryways!

Choose meaningful pieces for your console table

Console table styling is important as it helps set the mood in your home. The way to complete a look is to choose meaningful pieces that blend seamlessly in your space. According to Studio McGee, you should take all the time you need to style the details. Don't rush yourself, as it may take time for you to evolve your look and find the perfect pieces to complete your console table. 

While you are searching for items to decorate the table, focus your efforts on finding pieces that showcase your personal style. There is plenty of freedom in console table styling to express yourself. You could begin by sharing vacation finds, personal favorite artifacts, or valuable keepsakes. One should think wisely about which trinkets you want to add as they will be what you use to tell your story to family and friends.