If You Need An Affordable Couch, Look No Further Than This Pool Noodle Hack

Because of the abundance of pool noodle hacks flooding the internet, no one can deny the versatility of this summer staple. Ideas on how to repurpose pool noodles in the garden are just starting points, as you can also use these items to make comfortable furniture. Whether you're a broke creative or you want a bespoke piece of furniture that's worthy of bragging rights, make your next project a DIY couch featuring this poolside favorite. Cheap and durable pool noodles stand in as cushioning for a quirky and easily-customizable sofa. To make this piece, you'll build the frame out of wood, then attach pool noodles and fabric with a staple gun. 

After you've gathered together some tools, wood, pool noodles, and fabric, you have the makings for a unique piece of living room furniture. For tools, you'll need a tape measure, jigsaw, staple gun, pencil or marker, utility knife, drill, screwdriver, hammer, nails and screws, and a length of string. With just a small amount of money (depending on where your items are purchased or sourced from) and a good chunk of time, you can create your own handmade couch that rivals professionally-made pieces. 

Make your own pool noodle couch

Your first step is to decide the dimensions of your sofa. Draw up plans with measurements that will determine how much material you will need. According to your plans, purchase or repurpose several large pieces of wooden board, 2x2s, 30 to 35 pool noodles, and several yards of fabric. Consider using some of these types of wood that are easy to build with.

First, cut two rectangular boards of equal size that will act as the base of your sofa. To form the curved edges, anchor a piece of string tied to a marker at the center of the board near each end. Drag the string in a half-circle on each side, then cut along the line with a jigsaw. Next, frame out the base with four long 2x2s that will run the length of the straight edges of the two baseboards. Attach the 2x2s with screws to what will be the interior of the couch — these pieces will support your framing.

Cut eight pieces of 2x2s to your desired height of the couch seat. Attach these 2x2s vertically to the framing to create height between the two boards. Reinforce each pair of 2x2s with an additional piece of 2x2 attached perpendicularly to the long 2x2s on both the top and bottom boards. To finish the base, fasten a section of board to the front of the two base pieces as a support and a flat surface to upholster.

Finishing your couch

Now you're ready to cover your piece. You'll need to cut your pool noodles, and the best tool to use is a utility knife. Slice them lengthwise and attach them to the base by stapling fabric around both cut edges of the pool noodle. Continue until you have covered the seat and front of the sofa up to the curved ends. Here, cut the pool noodles to follow the curve of the seat, and staple the shortened noodles to the seat with fabric. Then, attach a board to the back of the sofa, giving you a comfortable height for a backrest. Frame the armrests with vertical 2x2s that match the height of your sofa back. Secure pool noodles horizontally along each side of the arms and backrest with your staple gun, covering them with fabric as you go. And that's it!

If you like this DIY but lack the time, skills, and money to pull off such a build, try a design that utilizes salvaged wooden pallets. With two stacks of three or four pallets acting as the base of the sofa, two to act as armrests, and two more for the back, you'll have a sturdy structure to build upon. Upholster your sofa with the same method described above. For even more savings, seek out fabric scraps at thrift stores. Often hung near linens, drapes, and blankets, keep your eyes out for remnants of thick upholstery that are just waiting to cover your new couch.