The Hidden Feature That Makes IKEA TV Consoles So User-Friendly

Visual clutter in a room happens when there are a lot of different items out on display with no organization to them. This is why simply tossing your things into a set of bins can make all the difference. It can be done with the utensils on your kitchen counter, the products on your bedroom vanity, or the stationery on your work desk. Clever features built into your furniture can also help reduce visual clutter and the IKEA TV consoles are a great example of how. By having slots for the cords to pass through, they keep those messy cords out of sight.

People have come up with unique ways to deal with pesky cords over the years. They can be taped or wrapped behind the TV or cabinet, or you can invest in some cord covers. You can also get a station that already comes with slots included to hide the cords and keep the room clutter-free, like the IKEA consoles. All you need to do is place your media player and other similar devices in the console's compartment and pass the cords through a slot to hook them up.

Hidden cable outlets and slots

IKEA has a few TV bench types and they have different cable management styles. With the BRIMNES, there's a tiny slot located on the top back and then a slim, long one on the bottom part of the console. The top slot can be used for the TV while the bottom one can be used on other devices that may need to link up to an outlet on the wall or a bit further than the TV area. This can be good for an extension cord, for example. The SKRUVBY console has two tiny boxes on the top back while the KALLAX has an open back that allows cords to be connected from anywhere.

With the BESTÅ, there is a slim slot at the top back of the console. The cords just need to be passed through one at a time so they are arranged in an orderly fashion and don't get that cluttered, tangled look. Whichever style is best for your cord situation and how you want your TV area to look, we think the hidden slots in these consoles make them more user-friendly. There's a reason why some of these designs are on the list of IKEA's best-selling entertainment stands.