TikTok-Approved IKEA PAX Hacks That'll Make The Most Of Your Closet Space

If you're dealing with limited space in your room and want to maximize it by fitting in a wardrobe with as much storage space as possible, installing a fitted wardrobe is an ideal solution. Since these are made to measure, you get the most out of every inch of space dedicated to your wardrobe. However, if DIY isn't your forte and custom cabinetry quotes are beyond your budget, IKEA has an idea for you. The IKEA Pax system gives you the flexibility to design and personalize your wardrobe with a custom, built-in appearance. If you want to fully optimize your closet space, explore genius IKEA PAX DIYs that will change the way you design your space, particularly its pull-out components like pull-out shelves, trays, pant hangers, and baskets.

Thanks to its versatility, the infamous IKEA PAX wardrobe system has taken the TikTok world by storm. Take the video shared by TikTok user @wanderingtheglobetravels as an example. She showed how she maximized all the available space in her IKEA PAX by adding a combination of pull-out trays for her shoes, a pull-out tray and insert for her jewelry, a pull-out shelf with glass for her bags, a pull-out trouser rack, and a mesh cabinet. She opted not to add doors for better accessibility. In addition to the components showcased in the video, the IKEA PAX system includes other space-saving pull-out options like the multi-use hanger, which another TikTok user, @theblushingvilla, used to hang her bags.

Why consider IKEA PAX's pull-out components hack

Why should you get these pull-out components? For one, they let you access everything you need with ease. Since pull-out shelves give you access to the entire cabinet depth, you don't need to destroy your arrangement of perfectly folded clothes just to find what you're looking for. In addition, pull-out shelves afford you more space since they let you fully utilize the entire depth of the shelf and leave no space unused. You're also less likely to stack items at the front, so your wardrobe won't look as cluttered.

If you're ready to get your wardrobe, just go to IKEA and choose from a number of wardrobes along with your preferred PAX interior organizers. But if you're the visual type and want to see how everything will look like, you can use their 3D PAX planner to lay out the design you have in mind. It enables you to either start with a blank slate or select an existing wardrobe combination as a base for customization. This interactive tool calculates the total cost of all selected components, which can be handy if you're sticking to a particular budget.