Is A Black Kitchen Aesthetic Or Bad Luck?

The kitchen is an ideal space to showcase your eye for design. However, if your kitchen is the heart of your home, it's important to choose your aesthetic carefully. Black is a bold style choice that can give your home the elegant upgrade that it has been missing, but according to some beliefs, it could also signify bad luck.

Before you set your sights on a dramatic color scheme, there are a few factors to consider. That includes its practical elements and the overall feeling that it creates in your space. Black can be a striking and beautiful look in your kitchen, but it could also lead to unexpected consequences if you don't think through all of the pros and cons. With that in mind, let's dive into the superstition and psychology behind the color black, as well as some ideas to achieve a luxurious dark atmosphere in your kitchen without the bad vibes.

The positives and negatives of the color black

In some cultures, the color black has negative meanings. According to Chinese tradition and superstition, black is synonymous with bad fortune. For that reason, it is not worn during festivals or used in home decor. In Latin, the color and its name contain sinister associations. If you look at the psychology of color, meanwhile, black has some not-so-happy traits, as it is sometimes associated with feelings of sadness, anger, and fear. Aside from its symbolic meaning, there are practical reasons why introducing black decor into your home may not be what you want. Dark surfaces show everything from crumbs to fingerprints, and for that reason, they are harder to keep clean.

However, decorating your kitchen with black is not only a tale of doom and gloom: in fact, this shade also evokes positive feelings and qualities. Just look at modern fashion, luxury homes, and your Pinterest board. Black is a signifier of wealth, prosperity, power, intelligence, and sophistication. Those qualities are what make black such a popular choice for sleek and modern interiors. With all that said, if you're tempted to revamp your kitchen in shades of black but are worried about overpowering people when they come in, you can have the best of both worlds — as long as you're willing to compromise.

Consider black accents for your kitchen, instead of going all black

Accents are a great way to infuse a space with statement shades. According to feng shui tradition, the polarity of black can be balanced through the use of accents in your design choices. That way, you can evoke this color's positive qualities and at the same time keep the bad luck at bay (if you're worried about that!).

There are many ways to explore black accents in your kitchen. You can choose darker cabinetry, which will give the space a cozy and modern feel, especially when combined with gold or off-white. When thinking about accent walls colors, black is a fine choice, making for a gorgeous and versatile backdrop to play with an endless variety of color schemes. Other options to consider are a black backsplash, countertops, appliances, and chairs. Combined with soft neutral tones, this contrast could allow for perfect harmony between timeless elegance and welcoming warmth in your kitchen.

Whether or not you believe in superstition, it takes courage to choose an unconventional approach to interior design. They say that fortune favors the bold, after all, so it's possible that luck may be on your side.