Our Master Gardener Reveals Items You Can Pick Up At Aldi For A Bargain Price

Gardening enthusiasts know how expensive it can be to keep our gardens and landscapes beautiful. We need a collection of tools, protective attire, and all kinds of different structures to create our dreamy spaces. As a master gardener, I not only use the equipment I purchase in my own garden, but I take some of it with me when I volunteer. My equipment gets a lot of wear and tear as I work, so I need supplies that are high quality and affordable. It may be surprising that Aldi is my first stop to shop for some of my gardening needs.

While the prices are always tempting, I don't buy all my garden items at Aldi. Like any store, some products are better quality than others. Since I need to keep my hands safe, I prefer to stick to certain heavy-duty glove brands, and I have found I get the best tools at the local farmer's co-op. Despite these exceptions, many items at Aldi are consistently much less expensive than other stores while maintaining excellent quality. These are also products that I see at my local store every year, so I know when it's time for a new item, I go to Aldi first. Keep an eye out for their weekly ads to make your garden shopping list. New items are stocked by Wednesday morning, so get there early for the best selection on high-demand products.

Garden shoes

I don't think I have purchased gardening shoes at any store besides Aldi in the last decade. During cooler seasons, Aldi carries faux fur-lined waterproof boots that rise above the ankle. These are perfect for cool-season gardening when the ground is wet, like early spring. I like to keep mine by the back door in case I need to make a quick trip to the garden to harvest parsley or cilantro during a soggy Arkansas spring. I can switch from my slippers to these warm boots and back in no time when I'm cooking.

Plus, their spring boots are the cutest. They usually offer a few adorable garden boot patterns to choose from — or maybe you don't have to choose because they are so cheap! My last pair lasted several years, but it's time for some new ones and I cannot wait to see the new designs this spring. In addition to boots, they usually have men's and women's garden clogs. 


Throughout the year, Aldi has different types of plants. In the fall, you can usually find mums for an exceptional price. Over the winter, they bring in some great deals on houseplants. Recently, they offered a variety of beautiful, healthy hanging houseplants for less than $10. At other stores, the same plants would likely cost $20 or more. I took advantage of a deal on 4-inch plants to buy a Schefflera for my DIY terrarium lamp for less than four bucks. They frequently have a variety of succulents, so if you don't have much of a green thumb, this is a great way to experiment without spending a lot.

The products available at your store will vary, but at any given time, you can find ornamental trees and bushes as well as bulbs. Before you buy, make sure you know your USDA Hardiness Zone to ensure the perennial plants you are buying will thrive in your region. As spring turns to summer, Aldi usually has a nice selection of annuals like geraniums and begonias.

Wheelbarrows and garden carts

When it's time to replace or buy a wheelbarrow, Aldi probably is not on the list of places you'd look. Single-wheel standard wheelbarrows are pretty pricey and can be hard to manage (although they do offer a good core workout!). Double-wheeled options are easier to use but are even more expensive. Garden carts require less effort to maneuver, but these are also pretty pricey.

Each year, Aldi offers some kind of wheelbarrow or garden cart — usually both. The styles and features differ a bit from one spring to the next, but they are definitely worth considering before you spend one or two hundred dollars on a similar product at a different store. I purchased a large two-wheel Rubbermaid wheelbarrow from Aldi nearly a decade ago and it still hauls hundreds of pounds of soil, mulch, and other garden items each season. If you have room, it's nice to have a couple of garden carts for different types of projects.

Bird feeder hooks and trellises

Adding height and interest to your garden space can get expensive very quickly, but there are a lot of good options at Aldi that can save you money. Like everything on this list, available products and styles will be different each year, but they have been very consistent in the types of items they sell during the gardening season.

Backyard birders can usually find a good deal on different types of birdfeeder hangers although I have never seen any exceptional birdfeeders at Aldi. If you don't have a problem with squirrels or other wildlife, you can get birdfeeders super cheap there, but I've never found any specialty feeders. Of course, it's always possible that will change. Each year, Aldi has slightly different styles of metal trellises. I love these for growing lightweight vines like clematis. The trellises aren't heavy-duty, but they are much cheaper than similar products at the big box stores.

Planters and ornamental objects

If you want to add window boxes or more plants to your outdoor space, stocking up on planters at full price can take a chunk out of your gardening budget. As spring approaches, Aldi stocks a wide variety of planters and plant stands in different sizes and styles. Some weeks they'll have tiny bird-shaped planters, while others they may have large plastic half-barrel-style options. If you're a houseplant enthusiast, they often have stylish indoor plant stands and shelves perfect for displaying all those irresistible Aldi houseplants.

Ornamental garden objects are certainly not necessities, but they can bring your unique style and interest to your outdoor space. Patio rugs, outdoor pillows, and windchimes are just a few items they stock from week to week to spruce up your garden. Since they're so inexpensive, you don't have to feel bad about splurging a little on something that makes your heart happy while you relax outside.