The Genius Kitchen Storage Trend That Pinterest Is Obsessing Over

It's hardly a secret that many home renovators and decorators first stop for inspiration is Pinterest. One of the hottest kitchen storage ideas making a splash over there right now actually made its debut on the home design scene more than three decades ago. Say hello to the appliance garage. A quick search of "appliance garage" turns up countless examples on Pinterest, demonstrating how this is a popular feature in kitchen design.

But what exactly is an appliance garage? Well, it's pretty straightforward. It's a hidden space where you can corral small appliances like your coffee maker, stand mixer, or toaster — tools you might use every day but don't necessarily want to keep out in the open. 

Further, modern versions of this handy retro storage solution are not your mama's appliance garage. Gone is the dark wood cabinet with a bread box-like roll-up door. Instead, today's types can be found in as many styles as you can have in a kitchen, from modern farmhouse to minimalist. This versatility is largely due to innovations in, of all things, hinges. New types of hinges have led to the creation of plenty of different appliance garage door styles. If you can make it work in your space, it's an easy way to hide your small appliances for a clutter-free kitchen.

What kinds of appliance garages are out there?

There are many different types of appliance garages to choose from. Styles vary, but they're usually installed on top of a counter or mounted on the wall and attached below upper cabinets. Some have double doors that open like a regular cabinet, while others have a door you lift up and pull down, reminiscent of an actual garage door (Hence the name!). A third type incorporates a bifold or pocket door, so you can handily fold the doors out of the way. 

While some appliance garages just sit there quietly behind closed doors, others have a shelf that pulls out like a drawer, making your appliances that much more accessible. Many are installed with electrical outlets for maximum convenience as well. As far as sizes go, that all depends on how much space you have. Some are multi-tiered, and others are even large enough to fit a microwave. It's this versatility that can make an appliance garage a great addition to your home, and they're especially nifty if you're looking to make your small kitchen seem bigger

Other things to consider for your appliance garage

Your appliance garage doesn't just have to be a boring repository for your blender. To make it more interesting, you can give it a theme. Maybe it's a breakfast bar complete with a juicer, waffle maker, and toaster, or perhaps it's a coffee station that holds your grinder, french press, and milk frother. Whatever you can imagine and have room for can be included in this feature.

So how does one get one of these magical appliance garages? Unfortunately, if you want a built-in piece, it can be quite challenging to include in your space. If you're a very seasoned DIY-er, it's possible to make one yourself, but it involves a fair bit of carpentry to fit it into your existing cabinets. In most cases, you'll probably want to get a contractor involved who can customize the piece to your exact needs. If you're planning a kitchen remodel and you have the means, you could consider adding this feature to your wishlist.

One final caveat is the fact you will have to sacrifice counter space. However, you may find that the convenience, improved aesthetics, and reduced clutter that comes with this feature make an appliance garage worth it. With all of these upsides, it's easy to see why appliance garages are the latest kitchen trend making a comeback.