The Property Brothers Prove This Countertop Type Pairs Perfectly With Wood Floors

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathon Scott are known for helping transform outdated homes into stylish residences. On the series "Celebrity IOU," they recently helped remodel a home belonging to "The Nanny" star Fran Drescher's housekeepers, Angelica and Ramon. The actress was looking for a fitting way to thank her employees and friends of many years with a dramatic home transformation. While the remodel of the home was beautiful, the kitchen in particular was a stunning example of the Property Brothers at work. Their choices included a classic and stylish combination of hardwood floors and quartz countertops that set the stage for the homeowner's personality to shine through in other design elements. The new kitchen is a shining example of how the quartz and wood floor combo can be a great backdrop for any number of spaces and design aesthetics. Maybe even yours.

The results of the Property Brother's renovation set a neutral base for other decorative accents like the intricate blue and white mosaic backsplash and a collection of colorful pottery and cookware. This combination of rich and versatile materials can work very similarly in your home, allowing you future design flexibility while highlighting personal touches that make your home uniquely yours. 

Why hardwood floors and quartz countertops work well together

Drew and Jonathon Scott's choice of materials make great use of natural elements in the space, each of which with their feel and charm. Quartz is an increasingly popular alternative to other stones like marble and granite that can be both more durable and less expensive. Quartz is available in a wide variety of shades as well, all of which have proven to be resistant to scratching, staining, and heat damage. 

Hardwood floors are always a popular choice for interiors, creating a sense of warmth and texture in a way that tiles and stones can't. While hardwood may feel like a gamble in the kitchen due to moisture and possible stains, it's still a fan-favorite that, with proper sealing and care, can work wonders in a kitchen. Combined with the quartz, the materials grant a delightful sense of firmness and softness, coolness and warmth, sleekness and rusticness all at the same time.

Making this combo work for you

If you are looking to make this combo work in your home, it can provide a beautiful start for whatever design elements you have planned. The adaptability of the materials can skew traditional, vintage, or modern depending on other elements like cabinetry and accessories. A dark wood floor can be combined with the crisp white of a quartz counter to create a very old-world European vibe, while lighter woods and quartz speak to more modern and Scandinavian decor trends. They also allow a large range of flexibility when it comes to cabinetry, which can range from traditional white or natural wood to deeper shades like gray, blue, and dark green. 

Choosing a material with this adaptability is excellent if you like to change your style with trends, or if you want to highlight other more attention-grabbing features like backsplashes, appliances, or kitchen accessories. In addition, hardwood floors and quartz countertops are great to use if you plan on selling your home, as they offer a neutral yet texturally layered base so potential buyers can envision their own dream kitchens.