A Simple Toilet Paper Roll Is The Secret To Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Dealing with wrinkles on clothes can be frustrating because they are easily formed but hard to get out. The most natural way to get wrinkles out is to use an iron or improvise with a straightener or blow dryer when you don't have one. However, the way you store your clothes also plays a big role in wrinkling and it's important to pay attention to how you fold or hang your items. One clever trick we found, per YouTube, is to glue two toilet paper rolls onto a hanger so they serve as a round surface for your clothes to lay on so they don't wrinkle.

It's become more common to care less about wearing wrinkled clothes. Not having to iron or steam takes one chore off the neverending list of things to do at home and a lot of clothes these days simply don't have issues with wrinkling. Still, storing your clothes in a way that keeps them crisp and wrinkle-free will help you look and feel sharp, and will also help your clothes last longer.

How to keep your clothes wrinkle-free

To DIY, take two toilet paper rolls and cut through them horizontally. Tape them together at the ends to form one long roll then slide the piece over the hanger. You can also use paper towel rolls because they are longer so you can just use one per hanger and not worry about taping. When you're done, you'll have a round surface that you can slide your clothes onto when on the hanger. In the video, this hack is said to be good for preventing creases in pants. We think it can also be used for shorts, but not much else.

When hanging or folding certain clothes, it's important to consider the seams because they impact how the creases form. That's why you need to line up the seams when folding pants and slacks. Because of this, it makes sense to fold and lay pants or shorts on the toilet roll on the hanger, but it won't be helpful for other items. Shirts and dresses will still need to be hung normally so they can maintain their shape and not get wrinkled in the process of being folded in half and then placed on the hanger. For anything other than your pants and slacks, splurge on the best hangers out there and use them as you normally would.