TikTok Shares A Must-Have Drawer Insert That'll Keep Your Power Tools Organized

If you've been taking advantage of the best deals on power tools and have amassed a solid collection, you're probably looking for an efficient way to store them. Being able to find the exact power tool you need in a hurry while also keeping them stored to free up space on your workbench has never been easy. However, if you have a storage chest that contains your manual tools, you can repurpose one of the drawers to handle your collection of products. A TikTok video from Harbor Freight shows the best way to accomplish this while also sticking to a tight budget.

The U.S. General Power and Air Tool Drawer Organizer ($29.99 at Harbor Freight) has a format that holds five power tools securely. It primarily fits items shaped like a power drill or an impact driver. It's designed to fit inside the U.S. General Series 3 56- or 72-inch cabinets. The insert has three large cups and two smaller cups where the nose of the drill or other power tool would fit. Matching bars hold the handles in place, securing the items. You must assemble the insert, but this allows you to set the height of the cups and bars to match the sizes of your power tools.

Whether you have the cheapest cordless drill that Home Depot offers or you have invested thousands of dollars in your collection, you can use this drawer insert to keep everything organized and ready to use.

Does the Harbor Freight power tool organizer actually work?

Based on the customer reviews at the Harbor Freight online store, the power tool storage insert works well, with 98% of the reviewers saying they would recommend it to another buyer. Reviewers said the quality of the materials used to construct the inserts is high, and it fits multiple brands of power tools adequately.

Some of the comments on the Harbor Freight TikTok video mentioned that this product is very similar in design to the Snap-On tool storage insert (part number 1098J5000), which is available for $272 at Snap-On. The difference between the two inserts is that they're made to fit different brands of storage chests and drawers. To tightly secure the insert inside the tool chest, it needs to fit properly. Additionally, the Snap-On product has a lifetime warranty, while the Harbor Freight product has a 90-day warranty.

If you don't want to pay for one of these items, or if you own a tool chest that doesn't have this type of power tool organizing insert available, you could try to construct your own. YouTuber Ryan Scott showed an insert created using a 3D printer that specifically can fit any storage chest, publishing the plans for it. It's important to remember that many tool chest manufacturers will void the product warranty if you place any extra holes in the frame, so if you decide to construct your own insert, it must stand alone to protect the chest's warranty.