The Lighting Trend You May Want To Avoid Trying In Your Bathroom

Lighting trends can be fun, making your bathroom feel glamorous and deluxe. But some fads aren't worth it. While they might sound exciting when you first read about them in a magazine or see them in a celebrity's BTS shots, a few lighting styles aren't ideal for the bathroom in the long term and will likely lead to regret. For example, many design experts cringe at Hollywood-style bulb bathroom lighting.

"While they effectively provided good forward-facing light for grooming tasks, they are not an attractive design choice as they bring nothing to the party ... The bare bulbs can come across as utilitarian and uninspired, contributing little to the overall design and ambiance of the bathroom," Rachel Atkins, a Dwellify interior designer, told Martha Stewart. So, do your bathroom a favor and look into other lighting options for your bathroom instead of falling into the bare bulb trap, as that choice is more cliché than chic.

Explore pendant lighting instead

If you want a stylish lighting choice for your bathroom, pendant lighting is an excellent alternative to the overused Hollywood-inspired bare bulb look. "Because ceilings are a blank canvas, unlike floors, pendants help to link a whole space together," Lee Broom, a designer, told Homes & Gardens. So, don't be afraid to jazz up your bathroom ceiling with a pendant light fixture to glamorize the space.

Anyone looking for a contemporary, sleek pendant light should check out the best-selling contract-grade Sculptural Geo Pendant. It's available for just under $130 at West Elm, was made in China, features a metal canopy, and you can modify how tall or short you want it to hang.

Another chic option is the Kuba Glass Half-Globe Pendant, selling for around $200 at Pottery Barn. Also a contract grade choice, this imported pendant light is made of steel and glass. Or, consider the more industrial-looking Golden Lighting Duncan 1-Light Pewter Pendant, with a price of about $160 at Home Depot, where many reviewers think it looks great in their homes.

Experiment with Art Deco vibes

Instead of trying to achieve the Old Hollywood aesthetic, why not flaunt an Art Deco-inspired bathroom taking you back to the '20s — or at least Art Deco-influenced lighting for your bathroom? That Roaring '20s-esque style is ideal for exuding a luxury hotel feel. "For hotel lux, we are seeing a lot of sleek and elegant designs, often taking inspiration from the Art Deco era," Yousef Mansuri, C.P. Hart's director of design, told Livingetc. The Art Deco look is typically about using geometric shapes, consistently graceful patterns, eye-catching colors, and warm or jewel tones, so try to keep an eye out for those aspects when shopping for your bathroom lighting.

For example, you may want to check out the Maxax Indianapolis 1-Light Black Flush Mounted Sconce Dimmable, available for around $50 at Home Depot. Featuring an ornate yet consistent pattern, this beautiful set of two lights looks like something out of a movie and will likely receive many compliments. Another option is the best-selling contract grade imported Mercer Double Horizontal Sconce, selling for just under $180 at Pottery Barn, sure to add a warm and geometric touch to your bathroom. So, are you ready to ditch the Old Hollywood exposed bulb look and try something glamorous in different ways?