The Dollar Tree Bathroom Find That'll Organize Handbags & Maximize Closet Space

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Handbags are no stranger to cornering the accessory market, which was valued at $49.12 billion in 2021. If you're like countless individuals, then you probably have a sizeable handbag collection. But are you storing them properly? If you have a small closet space, this can be especially challenging. You don't want to cram them all into one place, as this increases the odds of your handbags being damaged. And seeing as leather is known for creasing, you don't want unnecessary strain on your purses. Fortunately, TikToker @fresajazz explains that you can pick up a 12-pack of clear plastic curtain rings from the Dollar Store for $1.25 each and use them to hang pocketbooks from your closet rod. This not only preserves the integrity of your handbag collection but saves a considerable amount of closet space and is one of the easiest ways to make your home more organized.

Even though this hack was designed to protect your bags, it also protects your wallet with its low cost. So if you have multiple bags in need of storage, you won't have to shell out much cash to organize them. With a few plastic rings, you'll free up floor space, shelf space, drawer space, and more. And since these rings fit a 2-inch rod perfectly, they work in a variety of closets. You can use this hack in your hall closet, bedroom closet, and just about anywhere that has a clothing rod. 

Attach handbags to plastic shower curtain rings

To carry out this TikTok hack posted by @fresajazz, you must loop a plastic ring through your pocketbook's handles or straps. The plastic rings then attach to your clothing rod, opening and closing so you can access your bags. With minimal effort, your small closet will feel spacious thanks to the room this trick provides. If you have designer bags with dust covers, you can still use them — simply place them over your bags before attaching them to your plastic curtain rings. If you have several small clutches, you can hang a few from one ring, keeping them in one location. You could even use this hack to organize your handbags by color, size, or material, depending on your preferences. 

If the rest of your closet needs some TLC, you can also use this hack to organize ties, pantyhose, belts, and more. But what if you're lacking in storage space on your clothing rod? Simply add Command hooks to your closet walls, hanging your plastic shower curtain hooks from them instead. You can also install a second clothing rod if need be. Stylish tension-mounted curtain rods are on Amazon for $28; just be mindful of the individual weight capacity. 

Use this hack in other parts of your home

This hack not only works in closets but elsewhere around the home. For example, if you have multiple bags you use frequently and want to organize, you can use this trick in your home's entryway using the above-mentioned Command hook alternative. Hang them on your walls and hook a shower curtain ring over them, attaching your bag the same way you would in your closet. If you have an entryway bench with coat hooks, hang pocketbooks from them using the shower curtain rings. Once you put this hack to use, you'll see why it's one of the best ways to organize your closet, and for less than $2.

Another great way to maximize closet space is by removing pocketbooks you use less frequently and storing them elsewhere. If you have an attic, you could purchase a freestanding garment rack, using this hack to stash your pocketbooks when not in use. You can purchase one on Amazon for $27. There are also ways to save money with this trick, such as using old shower curtain rings you already have in the house. By reusing them, you'll save money without adding to landfills. You can also use metal shower curtain rings if they're all you have, or even "S" hooks. These work similarly, although plastic curtain rings close, preventing your bags from falling off.