12 IKEA Hacks To Add Clever Storage To Any Kids' Room

When it comes to organizing your child's bedroom or play space, it can be difficult to keep the clutter at bay. IKEA offers several kid-friendly storage options, but sometimes you need to get a little bit creative to amplify their full potential. From combining different items to repurposing IKEA classics, there are several ways to maximize space and minimize the mess. Plus, these hacks are dreamed up with little hands and simple clean-up in mind.

Depending on your level of DIY expertise, you can opt for a more involved project or a quick and easy conversion. In addition to their versatility, one of the best benefits of IKEA hacks is their affordability. You also have the freedom to select a solution that suits you and your child's unique taste in design. Bloggers, influencers, and home design experts have shared these several key hacks that have changed their child's room for the better.

Turn FLISAT into a drawing desk with storage

You can easily turn your child's FLISAT table into a dynamic drawing desk with plenty of storage. As demonstrated by YouTube home hack fanatic At Home With Liv, you can adhere blackboards to the back of the FLISAT lids to make a little easel. Then, store chalk in the TROFAST trays to create a playful sketching station.

Blackboards aren't the only way to give your FLISAT table an artsy touch. You can also glue dry-erase boards or mirrored panels to the back of the lids. Other creative ways to transform the lids include magnetic paint with educational magnet sets or making a double-sided felt board with customizable felt shapes.

Turn your TROFAST unit into a bench

Your TROFAST unit can double as a seating area for your little ones with the simple addition of a seat cushion. @lifeatolddenehouse on TikTok opted for a tasseled cushion from H&M to transform her storage space into a comfortable kid's bench. Although the cushion is a little bit larger than the surface of the unit, it allows the tassels to hang over the edge for a cozy, decorative look. If you want to make the seating space even cozier, place another bench cushion against the wall as a back pad. 

DIY a clothing rack in between MALM chests

Using a few key tools and additional materials, you can turn two RAST or MALM chests into a wall-to-wall wardrobe unit. DIY enthusiast Lilli of @casakess recommends adding a wooden rod in between the chests for extra hanging space. You can also glue a wooden slab across the top of the two chests to create a finished look. As a final touch, add a bottom shelf underneath your hanging space. Install the shelf high enough to stash baskets or bins like the PURRPINGLA from IKEA under it for an additional storage option. This is also a great space to store shoes. To add even more function, hang mirrors behind the hanging space. It's the perfect height for your little one to admire their outfit.

Mount the SUNNERSTA rail for pen storage

Although the SUNNERSTA rail is typically mounted in the kitchen, it can be repurposed for creative storage in your child's room. The design of the rail is particularly helpful for storing pens, pencils, and crayons. Choose whether to mount the SUNNERSTA rail within or out of reach, depending on whether you want your child to easily access the stored items. Placing the FLISAT desk underneath the SUNNERSTA rail creates a convenient drawing area, as shown by Laura at lifeatolddenehouse. You can also add hooks to the SUNNERSTA rail to hang accessories like aprons, painting smocks, or plastic palettes with thumb holes.

Create an enriching sensory table with TROFAST

Design an enriching environment with this simple yet innovative twist on the TROFAST unit. By turning it horizontally and integrating fitted buckets, it can become a dynamic sensory table. This setup, shown by playful.childhood on TikTok, provides hidden storage and a platform for educational activities. You can fill the sensory buckets with tactile elements like sand or cotton balls. And, since the bins are easily removable, you can use the inside of the table to stash other toys and sensory tools. For a unique learning experience, temporarily fill the table with organic textures like whipped cream, Jello, or pasta. Just make sure to lay out a tarp underneath the TROFAST unit for easy clean-up.

Paint and wallpaper your IVAR cabinets

If you love the convenience and practicality of IKEA furniture but aren't keen on the minimalist style, you can add a splash of personality to your storage pieces. DIY expert Rina Linthe, or @villa_karole, shares the results of a stunning IVAR cabinet transformation. Buff, sand, and prime your ordinary IVAR cabinets before giving them a fresh coat of playful paint. Next, adhere kid-friendly wallpaper to the inside of each cabinet for a fun surprise each time you open the cabinet doors. You can also consult your child on the wallpaper design so that they feel included in this whimsical makeover. For an interactive touch, paint the doors with blackboard paint so your child can incorporate their own designs.

Turn the BEKVÄM spice rack into storage

For storage without a footprint, turn BEKVÄM spice racks into bedroom shelves. Hanging several BEKVÄM of them at different heights, like TikTok user kate.athome did, can add visual interest to your child's wall. Try hanging the BEKVÄM spice racks both right-side up and upside down for optimal versatility. You can use the closed rack to store slimmer items and the flipped rack for smaller toys that should be easily accessible. Because the BEKVÄM spice racks are lightweight, they are super easy to hang. They are also made of solid aspen wood, which means you can easily repaint them in any color your heart desires. For even more storage, try hanging the SUNNERSTA containers off the rods on the spice rack.

Attach the SKADIS pegboard to your FLISAT table

Upgrade your FLISAT table with another easy, dynamic solution. The SKADIS pegboard is a convenient way to hang accessories and keep your child's workspace organized. Make sure to purchase the SKADIS brackets, which are sold separately. Home décor buff, our.home.atno.50 on TikTok, demonstrates this simple DIY project. She also slides the desk into an adorable draped canopy to enhance the aesthetic value. Another way to utilize the pegboard is to create a desk divider between two FLISAT desks. This is ideal if you have multiple children sharing the same bedroom or play space.

DIY a mobile MOSSLANDA shelving unit

As your child grows, you may want the option to rearrange their space. A rolling shelving unit offers ultimate versatility. Using the MOSSLANDA floating shelves, you can DIY your own moveable unit.

Juliane of @homeheartmade on Instagram is a self-professed IKEA hack fanatic. She suggests starting with a piece of wood that measures approximately 47 by 24 inches. Next, mount and attach your MOSSLANDA shelves directly to the plank. Finally, drill and attach wheels to the bottom shelf. Additional customization options include carving an arch, painting the unit, and spacing the shelves according to your needs. As an eye-catching add-on, try adhering an ÖVERSIDAN LED light strip under each shelf to illuminate the unit.

Repurpose your SMÅSTAD bench as a desk

If your child's room is compact, it can be difficult to decide what to prioritize in terms of furniture. Briony of @briony.kasper.quinn on Instagram shared a brilliant hack to turn SMÅSTAD into a dual-purpose storage unit. The bench can be turned into a small desk for your little ones. Simply slide out the drawer and use it as a spacious toy chest. Once the drawer is removed, you'll have an open space to place seating, like the MAMMUT children's chair. Some seats may be too high to fit neatly under the SMÅSTAD bench, so make sure you consider the 18 7/8 inch surface height. Add bins and cups to the desktop to organize art supplies and small toys.

Use your KNAGGLIG box as elevated book storage

For parents searching for a clever IKEA hack for storing books, the KNAGGLIG box can be turned into an adorable library. First, remove the top front panel, and nail it across the middle of the box's interior to create a divider. Next, sand the wood panels to remove any splinters for safety. For an industrial look, screw four BJORLI furniture legs onto the bottom of the box to elevate it. If you prefer to keep the wooden theme, opt for the BURFJORD oak legs. Both options will create a unique and attractive option for book storage. You and your child can also paint the box together as a fun and enriching group activity.

Create a toy storage and play area under the KURA bed

The IKEA KURA bed offers more than just a place to sleep. If you're looking for a way to hide toys in a pinch, try creating a cozy space in the compartment underneath the sleeping platform. Greet van der Veen of @styleandsugar on Instagram is a DIY hobbyist. She recommends mounting a rod under the IKEA KURA bed and hanging a curtain for visual separation. A window valance is the perfect height for this sneaky storage space. This can also double as a play space with the addition of a second mattress. For a more organized approach, you can slide KALLAX cubbies into the compartment under the bed for extra storage.