TikTok Has An IKEA KURA Bed Hack That Every Kid Will Want In Their Room

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It's no surprise that the reversible IKEA KURA bed is one of the company's top sellers. The children's bed can hold a mattress low and close to the ground for younger children. It also can be turned upside down to transform into a lofted bed with a ladder as a child gets older. This innovative bed helps parents save money as it eliminates the need to purchase new furniture when children are old enough to upgrade to a lofted bed. The elevated bed option is also a great way to maximize storage space because a child-size desk or toy storage could be placed underneath. TikTok user @thefostersresidence made the IKEA KURA bed even more kid-friendly by attaching a fun rock climbing wall.

The mom documented the bed transformation in a video in which she shared the entire process step-by-step. She used only a few materials to create an innovative way for her little one to climb into bed. The materials shown in the video include a piece of plywood cut to the necessary size, a set of kid-sized rock climbing holds, an electric screwdriver, and screws and bolts to attach the rock climbing wall to the bed. The rock climbing hold kit @thefostersresidence showed in the video comes with the installation hardware needed to attach it to the plywood. You might be surprised by just how easy it is to assemble this rock climbing wall for the IKEA KURA bed.

Attach a rock climbing wall using these materials

Before assembling the bed, you will need to gather all of the materials shown in the video. Luckily, they likely won't be all that difficult to get your hands on. It appears that @thefostersresidence may have purchased her custom-cut lumber from Home Depot. She opted for the Natural Softwood Plywood Board. The plywood will need to be cut to the size of the front-facing side of the bed that is adjacent to the ladder, as shown in the video. Home Depot is also a great place to pick up an electric screwdriver and the screws and bolts you will need to attach the rock climbing wall to the bed.

The KINSPORY 20-piece rock climbing hold set shown in the video is available on Amazon for $32.99 at the time of this writing. This set is a convenient option because it comes with all of the gear needed to attach the rock climbing holds to a surface. There is no need to worry about hunting down the appropriate screws at your local hardware store to attach the holds to the plywood. You might have noticed that this set also includes two handles that @thefostersresidence attached to the top of the mini rock climbing wall so that her child has extra support when navigating the climbing holds when needed.

How to assemble the rock climbing wall

It is relatively simple to follow along with @thefostersresidence's rock climbing wall assembly process. First, the mom used a pencil to mark where the climbing wall holds should be placed. She then drilled holes where she left those pencil markings. Those holes were used to attach the rock climbing holds to the plywood with the installation hardware that came with the kit. Finally, @thefostersresidence sanded the plywood top and sides until smooth. Although the TikTok creator saved this sanding step for the end, it may be better to sand the plywood before attaching the rock climbing holds. This would help prevent plywood dust from coating the holds and eliminate the extra step of having to clean those off.

The mom bolted the completed rock wall to her child's bed after finishing up the assembly process. The video shows that her son seems to love the finished product. He has no problem using the rock wall to climb into his reversible IKEA KURA bed. The ladder is still accessible even after the rock wall is attached to the bed, so children have the option of using either. If you already own the IKEA KURA bed, you know that this rock climbing wall is just one of many ways to elevate this fun piece of children's furniture. IKEA also offers decorative tents for these beds.