DIY Pottery Barn-Inspired Easter Decor With Dollar Tree Finds To Save Big

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Pottery Barn has some gorgeous items available right now to help you decorate for Easter, but they're not particularly budget-friendly. For those that are looking to create a beautiful dining table setup for this spring holiday (without breaking the bank), Dollar Tree has some craft supplies that will help you DIY the perfect Easter decorations for your dinner table. 

In a TikTok video, @jaymuneediy shows how to craft your own Easter napkins and napkin holders with supplies from Dollar Tree. While Pottery Barn has a set of these adorable stoneware bunny napkin holders for $40, you could make your own Easter rabbit napkin holders with a shower curtain rings or book rings, some twine or cord, and Dollar Tree wooden Easter ornaments.

The low-cost retailer's flour sack towels can also be used to make custom cloth napkins, dyed with bright Easter colors or decorated with cute designs. Though Pottery Barn's scalloped border cotton napkins are $48, you could create your own festive napkins for a fraction of the cost. To gain further inspiration from Pottery Barn's Easter collection, you might think of checking your local Dollar Tree for candle holders or plates that you could spruce up for the holiday to make your dinner table pop.

DIYing Easter napkin rings with Dollar Tree finds

First, you'll want to choose the Easter-themed decoration for your napkin holders, such as rabbits, carrots, eggs, chicks, or a combination. These wooden bunny silhouettes are a cute and cheeky choice, while these Easter ornaments offer a variety of symbols to choose from. If you decide on a plain wooden image, you may need to drill a hole somewhere along the top to attach it to your napkin ring.

Start by wrapping book rings or shower curtain rings in a decorative cord, like this Dollar Tree natural jute cord. You could also use twine, ribbon, or anything similar you may have left over from other projects. Secure the cord with glue so that it doesn't come undone, and then use a small piece of your string to tie your ornament onto the holder. You could also customize the wooden ornaments with your family's names or by painting them before attaching. If you're planning to get the kids involved, these Easter wood craft kits could be colored and used to decorate your children's table. Not only will these affordable napkin rings help you decorate your dining table this Easter, but you should be able to reuse them in the years to come.

Making Pottery Barn-inspired napkins

If you don't already have Easter-themed napkins, they are rather easy to make yourself. Start with flour sack towels from Dollar Tree, which should be softer than their Easter dish towels, and dye them blue, pink, yellow, or another springtime color. You can find this super pink Rit dye on Amazon for $5, or use any type of fabric dye. While you could change the color of the entire napkin, you might also consider dip dyeing one edge for a softer appearance. No matter what dye you use, be sure to check the directions before starting this project. Once your fabric is dyed, you could sew on a scalloped-edged border, iron on vinyl Easter decals, use fabric paint to create a design, or simply tuck the colorful napkin inside your Easter napkin ring.

To enhance your Easter dining table even more, you can DIY your very own seasonal dishware decor by using Mod Podge to attach patterned fabric to the back of a clear glass dinner plate from Dollar Tree. This can act as a decorative charger plate with a design similar to Pottery Barn's $70 spring garden plates. Additionally, you might think of lining the center of your table with a few candles, decorated with rocks glass candle holders from Dollar Tree as a budget-friendly replacement for these Pottery Barn floating glass candle holders that cost $20.