The Outdated Hardware Trend To Avoid Using In Your Kitchen

If you have never been much into kitchen hardware, now's the time to start. Alternatively, if you're planning to replace your hardware, stay away from the one trend that's on the way out — matte black hardware. "Cabinet hardware is an easy way to update a kitchen's look, and matte black hardware [has] had its day," real estate agent Steven Gottlieb told Forbes, adding, "We will likely see matte black drawer pulls, faucets and cabinet handles continue to be phased out."

Gottlieb expanded on why he thought matte black hardware is no longer in, sharing, "In the past few years, black matte hardware seemed ubiquitous in less expensive developments and rentals that had been updated inexpensively, and that can sometimes be the death knell for a trendy look from years past." While you should always decorate to your tastes, this previously popular hardware design is slowly being phased out, and mixed metals could replace it. A kitchen hardware trend you don't want to miss, mixed metals could be a little controversial and also a fantastic way to bring something new to your kitchen. Along with mixed metals, nature-inspired hardware is on the rise.

Forget all-black hardware, mixed metals is where it's at

Speaking to The Spruce, interior design expert Mark Cutler shared his thoughts on why he thinks mixed metals have become a trend. "People are searching for comfort and approachability and using mixed metals creates kitchens that feel lived in and curated," Cutler stated. "As far as metal choices go, we're not just talking about gold and silver here. There will be more patina copper, flamed bronze, and rich texturing all blended with the usual stainless steel and nickel." Now that you know why it's picking up steam, you may be wondering how to add the trend to your kitchen.

You can incorporate mixed metals in your home decor in several ways. The first is by alternating cabinet pulls and handles. For example, if you have cabinets on more than one wall, you could choose copper handles for one side and stainless steel for the other. The more obvious the contrast, the better. Another good way to hop on this trend is by using larger statement-making fixtures like a gold tap in your sink paired with silver knobs. Remember, your kitchen faucet does not have to match your cabinet hardware. If you're not sure about mixing gold and silver, style the trend by pairing warm tones like copper, brass, and gold with cool tones like silver and stainless steel.

Try out the nature hardware trend for something different

If the mixed metals hardware trend isn't for you, bring the outdoors inside with nature-inspired hardware. Embracing nature with heaps of green is currently popular, so it makes sense that the trend would carry through to kitchen hardware. This doesn't mean to go out and buy handles covered in frogs and bugs (but you can if that's your style). Instead, look for hardware that has leaf motifs or textures that evoke the outdoors. You could also take the theme literally and choose green hardware to make a statement.

Both trends will elevate your kitchen to the next level, but you definitely don't have to start swapping out all of your existing black hardware. It may not be at the forefront of the current trends, but matte black hardware can still be the perfect fit for some kitchens and add that little something extra to an otherwise neutral space.