This Common Shoe Storage Error Is Attracting Bugs To Your Home

When you come home, do you just toss your shoes on the floor near the entryway? This is a common practice for many, but while it might be convenient, it could be attracting bugs to your home — especially spiders. Over on TikTok, Australian conservationist Robert Irwin shared a video of a large spider he found in his shoe. In a separate (but even more horrifying) account from The Independent, a Peruvian wolf spider bit a man and laid eggs in his toe after finding its way into his shoe.

Shoes are a favorite hiding spot for spiders, scorpions, and other bugs. This is because they prefer a quiet, dark, damp habitat — a description that, unfortunately, fits shoes perfectly. In particular, shoes that are seldom worn are more likely to host critters like these. So, how can you keep spiders and insects out of your house? One of the easiest ways is to store your shoes on a rack high off the ground so creepy crawlies are less attracted to them.

Don't leave your shoes on the floor

The most useful tip for keeping unwanted bugs out of your shoes? Don't leave your footwear directly on the floor, especially right when you enter the house. If possible, keep your shoes off the floor at all times. Not only does this make your doorway look less cluttered, but it'll keep bugs and spiders away from them. Since bugs usually enter your house through or around doors, avoid storing your shoes on the floor near outside entrances, too.

You might be tempted to store your outdoor work shoes in the garage, but you should break this habit, too — it's a surefire way to attract spiders and bugs, as your garage is likely less secure against pests than your home. Also, avoid storing shoes in the basement. If you have a basement, you probably have spiders, as it can be hard to keep these critters out of the damp, often dark area.

Use a shoe rack or cabinet

If you're low on shoe storage, IKEA's HEMNES cabinet is ideal for getting your shoes off of the floor and away from pests. The BISSA shoe cabinet, also by IKEA, is another great option if you're on a budget. Either of these can be placed near an entryway, meaning you can easily put your shoes on as you're walking out the door without worrying about uninvited guests inside of them. In addition to their main function, these cabinets also offer the benefit of making your entryway look nice and neat.

Another option is to purchase a shoe rack. The Yamazaki Double Bar Shoe Rack from Pottery Barn is a great example. If you use this (or a similar) model, however, don't store shoes directly on the ground below the first rack. Instead, place your shoes on either of the two tiers. This rack is a great solution because you can stack the shelves, allowing you to customize your shoe storage to fit your needs. If you're a fan of DIY, you can even make your own shoe rack for your closet thanks to this TikTok hack.