The Pillowcase Hack You'll Want To Know When Storing Valuables In Your Home

You need to be clever when storing valuables in your home because your hiding place can't be too obvious. Places like your bedroom drawer or side table are some of the first places someone would go to in order to find your cash or jewelry. Safes and fake drawers are some great ideas, but you can also try to hide your items in plain sight. Repurposing an unwanted pillowcase into a drawstring bag is one hack that can help.

When you have emergency cash, precious jewelry, a backup phone, inherited pieces, and other valuable things, they need a good storage place in your home that's separate from your other belongings. This is why people get creative. From ice trays in the freezer to holes in the backyard, people come up with sneaky ways to protect their valuables from any potential robbers that might come through the house. This pillowcase hack is much simpler, and it has the unique advantage of protecting your valuables while keeping them within reach.

Turn it into a drawstring bag

Hiding valuables in plain sight is a clever move for storing virtually anything. It's why having a homemade juice carton wallet can be what prevents your cash from being stolen while on the go, as seen from this tweet on X. It can also help when storing valuables in your home because it won't be an obvious target. Protect tinier valuables in a tennis ball or choose this pillowcase hack when you have more items. 

All you need to do is choose a pillowcase that you don't want or use anymore, sew a casing on it, and then pass a drawstring through it for it to close. If you don't have a sewing machine, use hot glue as shown in this YouTube video.

We think this hack is better with an old pillowcase because it won't be attractive to anyone snooping through your things. A very run-down pillowcase bag will look like it's just trash or something old, and won't draw attention. This way, you'll be able to hide it in a drawer or cabinet without worrying about it too much. Just be careful with this so it doesn't accidentally get thrown out one day.