TIHS 2024 Celebrates The Joy Of Bob Ross Through These Unique Items

One of the more unique ways to show love for your favorite fandom or celebrity is to put all things related to them in your home. Even if the purpose of the item itself has nothing to do with the particular fandom or celebrity of your choice, we still covet these things as a way of showing our loyalty and love (we're looking at you, Star Wars popcorn popper). And while there are plenty of celebrity-clad home items to go around, no other treasure can turn your home into a masterpiece quite like items celebrating everyone's favorite artist with the soothing voice, the late Bob Ross. 

It is no happy little accident that Bob Ross' iconic face and artwork are splashed on several products showcased at The Inspired Home Show (TIHS) 2024. We've rounded up a few of these so you can bring the master behind "The Joy of Painting" right into your home in some rather unexpected ways.

Bob Ross Slow Cooker

When you go to make your favorite pot roast or stew recipe, you'll need a slow cooker to create a landscape of flavor. Now, you can do so with the tacit endorsement of Bob Ross himself with Uncanny Brands' Bob Ross 2-quart slow cooker. It celebrates the joyful painter with an image of Bob Ross and his signature against the background of one of his famous paintings. The slow cooker features low, medium, and high settings, making it so easy that even the most amateur of slow cooker chefs can turn dinner into a masterpiece.

Bob Ross Talking Clapper with Night Light

To paraphrase Bob Ross, you need to have darkness in order for the light to show. With Joseph Enterprises' Bob Ross Talking Clapper with Night Light, you can literally do just that. Many of us may be familiar with The Clapper, which relies on the sound of your claps to turn on and off a light. Now, you can receive positive feedback for your great clapping skills with recorded affirmations from the artist of encouragement while illuminating even the dimmest of rooms. After all, who doesn't want an illuminating light coupled with the wisdom of Bob Ross?

Chia Pet Bob Ross

"Ch-ch-ch-Bob Ross!" Yes, the line of clay novelties that you can grow plant life on chose to honor the late and great artist with a Chia Pet in his likeness from Joseph Enterprises. Now, you can grow a happy little shrub on top of "his head" in place of Bob Ross' iconic do. It comes with everything you need to grow it successfully, along with detailed step-by-step instructions. The Chia Pet Bob Ross can also be washed and replanted over and over to ensure no shortage of your favorite curly-haired artist.