Hidden Storage Ideas Perfect For Adding Space To Your Bathroom

Between cleaning products, beauty items, and towel storage, your bathroom can easily become one of the most messy places in the home. With all of these items it can seem like no matter how much storage you have it is never enough. Many of these products feature bright labels that, when grouped together, create a busy, nonuniform look. This is the opposite of the relaxed, spa-like feeling you want to create in your bathroom.

Since most of these items are non-negotiables, getting creative with your storage solutions is the best way to hide ugly yet needed products and keep things organized. Hidden storage is also the trick to maximizing space in a small bathroom because it utilizes every inch of space without taking up much room on the floor. To maintain a sleek bathroom that's free of clutter, there are a few ideas perfect for adding some discrete storage you can try.

Embrace the traditional medicine cabinet

When someone talks about a medicine cabinet, images of '80s bathrooms might come to mind. But they have stood the test of time for a reason, providing storage right above the sink where you likely need it the most. Plus, as TikTok user @designwiththedaws shows, there is absolutely a way to make the trusty medicine cabinet more on-trend. From the outside, it looks like a modern square mirror with a sleek black frame hung on the wall. Then, hidden behind are three tall shelves full of space. Because of the recessed design, the cabinet can be nestled between the studs, allowing the mirror to sit flush with the wall. You can get a similar look with this option from Wayfair.

Keep toilet paper out of sight

If you run out of soap or toothpaste it's not a big deal, but toilet paper is another story. If you reach for an empty roll and find there's no more in the bathroom it's bad news. But a toilet paper tower in the corner of your bathroom is not only unsightly, it takes up floor space. TikTok user @carolina.mccauley shares her solution for keeping toilet paper discreet while still well stocked.

Because this minimalist toilet paper dispenser utilizes vertical storage, you can keep up to a dozen rolls in a compact space. The white color and clean lines mean it will blend into your bathroom, and the slim design means it can likely slide right in next to your toilet. It has a lid that can provide an additional flat surface for smaller storage bins or a decorative plant.

Use jute baskets to keep a uniform look

There are a lot of little items to store in your bathroom like hair ties and wet wipes, but their different packaging can create a cluttered look. To keep things organized and cohesive, try using jute baskets. The natural material evokes an earthy vibe and they're available in many different sizes to accommodate your needs.

@ourcomfycozycorner uses three sizes of jute baskets for stylish storage. Though these are all different shapes and slightly different weaves, when she steps back to show the whole room, it still looks polished because of the cohesive material. The large cylinder jute basket hides her plastic trash can, a perfect solution for those wanting to keep their waste out of sight while still keeping their easy-to-clean plastic can.

Make use of every inch of cabinet space

The flat backs of your cabinets can be creatively used as a base for more hanging storage. By adding floating containers, you can utilize vertical space and free up valuable bathroom counter space as @property_genie_plymouth shows us. The set she uses is composed of a stick-on bracket and a container that clips onto the bracket. It's an easy two-step installation process that can give you extra space to keep everyday items within easy reach. In the clip, they are installed on the inside of a pull-down cabinet, but you can install these anywhere as long as there is enough room. While this storage solution can give you extra space, measure to be sure there's enough clearance for the bin to fit properly inside the cabinet with the door closed. 

A sliding panel can hide the laundry

If you have your washer and dryer in your bathroom, it can feel impossible to keep the appliances separate from your relaxing bathroom retreat. You also might not like having your dirty laundry and detergent in plain view. Luckily, @honely.store1 has an elegant yet functional solution to this problem. The TikTok user installs a sliding door over the laundry area to create visual and mental separation.

This bathroom features a slatted door design with light wood to complement the organic feel. It is a statement piece that doesn't detract from the rest of the room while still being functional. You can also choose a boldly colored or patterned sliding door to add a stylish pop. This concept would also work as a way to hide large open shelving if you don't want to worry about keeping your items neatly arranged.

Utilize space under the bathtub

What lies beneath our bathtub is a mystery to most. While it contains pipes and plumbing, there also may be a lot of dead space. If you're getting ready to choose a new bathtub, consider getting one with storage built in underneath. A video from @yetanotherhouseproject shows that storage does not need to take up a lot of space but rather properly utilize the space you already have. The gray bathtub design is sleek and modern, and upon first glance, you would never think the paneling was anything but decorative. But inside the three touch-activated drawers is lots of deep storage that holds everything from toilet paper to hair products, all while still leaving space for a large bath. 

A painting can hide open shelves

Want to add a touch of class to your bathroom? Try adding a pretty painting. But this isn't just for decoration, art can be used as a DIY cover for recessed shelving. These built-in shelves can store your items, but they attract dust and make your bathroom look cluttered. Luckily, you can hide the mess.

This can be a quick and affordable DIY, as a set of hinges costs around $10. You will want to pick a picture frame that is lightweight but sturdy enough to be mounted via hinges. If you want extra stabilization, TikToker @class_y_casa adds an extra clasp on the opposite side of the painting to make sure it stays perfectly in place.

Don't forget behind your door

Doors have a certain level of clearance behind them, so no matter how small your bathroom is, there will likely be an opportunity to utilize the space behind the door. If you want more than the typical over-the-door hanging rack, @noney442 showcases a genius way to add extra storage that your guests might not even notice.

It's a slim, vertical cabinet that mounts on the back of your door. It has a streamlined profile, making it blend in seamlessly. The shelves are of varying heights and hold almost anything you could need. Units, like this one from Cabidor, can feature plain doors or mirrors for even greater functionality.

Keep your dirty laundry hidden

Keeping your laundry basket in your bathroom is a logical choice since you can easily toss in used towels and dirty clothes. But laundry baskets take up a lot of room and can look out of place. @lisabortdesign showcases a solution where one of the bathroom cabinets is converted into a hidden laundry hamper. Her design features a place for both lights and darks which will simplify your laundry routine by having everything pre-sorted. Plus, the exterior of the cabinet blends in perfectly with the rest of the vanity, featuring the same handle and decorative design. 

Store sanitary products by the toilet paper

If you want to keep items within reach while still being discreet, consider installing a floating compartment above your toilet paper holder to fill with essential items like sanitary products or wipes. TikTok user @againstthegraintx installed a wooden box with a removable lid as a classy and subtle way to store items you don't want to leave on display. This approach has a fully removable lid and opens sideways, but you have the option of installing a container upright or with a hinged lid so that won't accidentally fall off.