What To Know About Tacklife Before Investing In Power Tools

If you are trying to own more tools that every homeowner should ideally have and be ready for any DIY projects that crop up around the house, you're probably considering a number of different brands. If you're looking for bargain power tool brands that could help you stay within budget, Tacklife may be a product that pops up during your research. You may have heard some questionable things about the company, though. Can you trust this brand with your power tool needs?

Before delving into the pros and cons of Tacklife, let's discuss some of the questionable business practices related to this manufacturer. At one time, Tacklife products were plentiful on Amazon. You may even have purchased hand tools or jump starters for your car from this company. You also may have seen power tools from Tacklife on Amazon like cordless drills, paint sprayers, rotary tools, and saws.

However, Amazon no longer allows this brand for sale on its site, even though it still has a page on the platform. The giant online retailer pulled nearly all Tacklife products from its site after discovering a fake review scam, where the company (and some other Chinese manufacturers) provided products to people for positive reviews. You still can find these branded products on some other online sites, like Walmart and eBay, along with some lesser-known retailers. So, should you trust this brand for your power tool purchases?

Biggest advantages of purchasing Tacklife power tools

Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying Tacklife items, which feature a distinctive orange-and-black color scheme, is the low price — based on that alone, you can get a great deal on your power tool purchase. For example, you can find a 20-volt cordless drill from Tacklife on eBay for about $40, including a battery and charger. For comparison, one of the cheapest cordless power drills at Home Depot is an 18-volt Ryobi drill that costs about $99 at Home Depot with the same accessories.

Even with the reported problem with fake reviews on Amazon, some legitimate online reviewers found that Tacklife was a brand that offered decent quality. One reviewer called the brand's quality "pretty positive," while acknowledging that some of the products were good and some were bad. Another online reviewer said the Tacklife jigsaw did the job as expected and had a solid build quality.

Because Tacklife is only available online, you don't have to worry about whether a local brick-and-mortar retailer carries this brand for you. You can order products from this brand in more than 50 countries, which means they are widely available ... just not quite as much so as they were before Amazon removed the brand.

What are some of the drawbacks of the Tacklife brand of power tools?

As you might expect with such a low-priced series of power tools, Tacklife's overall quality does not appear to be as good as some other options. One online reviewer named Tacklife as the "worst power brand tool in America," citing the hit-or-miss reviews from actual online customers and the equipment's lack of professional-grade quality.

Tacklife does not have an official website, although you can find some sites associated with third-party affiliate sellers, as well as one that's maintained by users and resellers of the products, both of which have logos and information that make them appear as though they are sites associated with the actual manufacturer. All told, it's not a good sign for consumers if they can't find the brand's official site.

The fact that Amazon removed Tacklife power tools so thoroughly after having this brand seemingly everywhere for a few years can give consumers some pause about the trustworthiness of this brand's tools. One reviewer questioned the customer service capabilities of Tacklife. Warranties are a second possible concern, though, with such a low price, you may not care about this too much. Then there's  YouTube reviewer The Den of Tools, who claims Aukey Technologies manufactures Tacklife products — that's yet another company that Amazon banned from its site.