TIHS 2024: The Most Unique Home Innovations

The 2024 Inspired Home Show (IHS) is bringing buyers and sellers within the housewares space together to discover new innovative products and industry happenings. The annual event is hosted by the International Housewares Association and the 2024 edition is taking place in Chicago, Illinois, from March 17 to 19. It's an amazing networking opportunity for houseware professionals from all over the world, but it's also a fantastic way to discover new products.

House Digest is attending the event to uncover fascinating innovations within the housewares space, and we have quite a few new products to share. From bird feeders with high-definition cameras and microphones to what might be described as a unique broom-squeegee hybdid that makes quick work of removing pet hair from carpets, you may just discover an item that intrigues you enough to add it to your collection of gadgets.

The MAXSA Innovations Garage Laser Park

The MAXSA Innovations Garage Laser Park makes perfect parking easy. This high-tech gadget uses a motion-detecting laser to determine the ideal positioning of your vehicle. Simply pull into your garage, and the laser will shine on a specific area of your car. This indicates that you have parked correctly. You can choose from a dual- or single-laser design. You also have the option of either a battery-powered or plug-in version.

"I was worried the laser light would be dull, but it was actually bright and very clear to see," said Preston Smith, who covered TIHS for House Digest. "The rep also emphasized that once it's set up, it will automatically turn on every time you come into the garage, ensuring smooth parking," added Smith.

Professional Hummingbird Feeder with Smart AI Camera

Guangdong Pine Lake Technology Co., Ltd revamped hummingbird watching with their Professional Hummingbird Feeder. This game-changing product includes a high-definition camera and motion sensor that allow you to livestream feedings straight to your phone with the help of the Bird Lover App. The product even includes a speaker that you can use to scare away squirrels and other pests that might prevent you from attracting hummingbirds. The attached ant moat, seed tray, and nectar tray make this feeder particularly useful for hungry birds. 

"The container where the nectar goes is detachable for easy cleaning and filling. Instructions for what to put in it are also engraved on the inside, so you'll always know how to make quick hummingbird nectar. There's also room for seeds underneath the nectar container, so other birds are still accounted for with this model," said a House Digest reporter who experienced the Professional Hummingbird Feeder at TIHS. "The AI element on the brand's app will not only identify the birds on the feeder but also tell you exactly what they like to eat, which is perhaps more useful for the general bird feeder than the humming bird feeder."

Smart Bird Feeder with Wi-Fi Camera

The Guangdong Pine Lake Technology Co., Ltd Smart Bird Feeder is another revolutionary item that combines technology and nature to provide an elevated bird-watching experience. This product includes a high-definition camera that links to a mobile app. With the help of built-in motion detectors, users receive a notification when birds visit the feeder to refuel. This ensures that even the busiest of bird watchers have a chance to catch these creatures in action. This bird feeder is also waterproof, holds 2 liters of food, and comes with solar panels on the roof.

"This one boasts many of the same perks as the Professional Hummingbird Feeder with Smart AI Camera, including the 2 solar panels and the AI element. The camera on this one isn't as sharp since the hummingbird feeder is newer, but it's still good quality," noted a House Digest reporter. "Like the other one, the plastic is high quality, and this one has quite a large compartment for seeds, meaning you won't have to fill it every day – or even every few days, really."


The Mini from Gyeonggido Bussiness & Science Accelerator is the perfect product for pet owners with carpeted floors. This handheld scraper sweeps away not only pet hair but also crumbs and other spills. It combines the abilities of a wiper, a scraper, and a broom to help you keep your floors clean. Its honeycomb structure is made of a durable plastic that can withstand the weight and pressure of a user pulling it across a carpet. In the product demonstration we captured live at TIHS, the Mini did an admirable job cleaning pet hair out of carpet fabric and bunching the hair up for easy removal. This device's portability also makes it a great option for those with limited storage space. "It works similarly to a rubber squeegee," noted an impressed House Digest reporter who witnessed the product in action.